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The Gray Market: Think Twice Before Buying Discount Skincare Products

Finding steals online is exciting but before you make a purchase, you should know the cost of purchasing from the gray ma...
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So You Removed Your Acne Patch. Now What?

Now that you’ve taken off the patch, your pimple may be smaller but it's still bare and unprotected so, what do you do af...
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New Mighty Patch: Because Pimples Don’t Just Happen At Night

We want you guys to feel comfortable in your skin, and that includes fighting pimples during the day.
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3 Genius Mighty Patch Hacks

It’s not a secret that Mighty Patches are ultra-effective at eliminating pimples, but there are many other uses than just ...

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Acne Basics

7 Amazon Comments You Will Relate To If You’ve Ever Had A Zit

Totally relatable comments that will probably sound familiar to anyone who has ever experienced acne, which is basically ...


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