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Holiday Makeup Ideas with Glamsquad Makeup Artist Alex

Mighty Patch

Get Ready with Mighty Patch: Holiday Makeup

Got a holiday part and a pimple? Let a Glamsquad makeup artist teach you three ways to amp up your holiday makeup look usi...
Skin positive influencer Brandon Marshall showing his acne and acne care routine product

Meet the Experts

Step Up Your Nighttime Routine With Our Favorite Acne Positive Influencer

Acne-positivity blogger Brandon Marshall never saw anyone on social media posting about their acne. Overtime, he took it u...
Hands holding Mighty Patch Invisible+

Mighty Patch

Get Ready with Mighty Patch: Office Makeup

Follow along with us as we show you how to create a simple makeup look over Mighty Patch Invisible+ to hide your pimple an...
Mighty Patch on face in daylight

Mighty Patch

Try It Tuesday - How to Wear Acne Patches During the Day

We're launching a new series called Try It Tuesday! Today, we’re going to try wearing Mighty Patch during the day.

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