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Mighty Patch™ Variety Pack

For all your pimple emergencies

The Variety Pack includes 3 must-have essentials for a bulletproof acne arsenal: Mighty Patch Original, Invisible+, and Surface.
Works on all skin types
Protects from picking
Extracts impurities
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Mighty Patch™ Variety Pack
For all your pimple emergencies
Sterilized, Medical-grade, and clinically tested
Mighty Patch Original: The nighttime acne patch
Invisible+: The barely-there daytime acne patch
Surface: The XL-sized acne patch for face and body
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Pimples come in all shapes and sizes. Now, so does Mighty Patch.

Works on all skin types
Protects from picking
Extracts impurities
Consumer Testing Results
of participants agreed that using the patch is a faster way to visibly shrink whiteheads overnight compared to traditional zit cream.
said their blemish felt protected from dirt and bacteria while wearing the patch overnight.
said the patch protects the skin from picking/popping it.
How to Use
Prep the skin.
Use a gentle cleanser, toner, and moisturizer to hydrate your skin. Try Clear Collective.
Identify the pimple
After letting your skin absorb all the products, apply Mighty Patch.
Once the patch has turned opaque, you know it worked. Take it off and discard the patch.
Key Ingredients
A medical-grade gel that gently absorbs and traps gunk
Box Contents
12 Mighty Patch Original patches (12mm)
12 Mighty Patch Invisible+ patches (12mm)
2 Mighty Patch Surface patches (60mm length x 25mm width)

Does the dirty work, so you don't have to

Effortlessly absorbs the gunk from your pimple in 6-8 hours – and keeps it covered, so you don’t pick (which can cause scars).

3 essentials for a bulletproof acne arsenal

This variety pack includes Mighty Patch Original, Invisible+, and Surface. It works best on whiteheads to pull all the gunk out. (For early-stage zits that aren’t quite whiteheads yet, try Micropoint for Blemishes.)

Safe and gentle for all skin

Made of hydrocolloid - a gentle fluid-absorbing gel - that's medical-grade, allergy tested, and great for sensitive skin.


What is hydrocolloid?

Hydrocolloid was originally designed for use as a medical bandage or dressing for wounds. It has a gel layer that’s formulated with pectin or gelatin and other ingredients that attract water and absorb fluids (such as pus). Mighty Patch is not made with gelatin and therefore is vegan-friendly. As the hydrocolloid draws in fluids or pus, the patch changes from transparent to opaque white, which is all the gunk that was pulled from the pimple. Read more about hydrocolloid and how it works here.

How do I use Mighty Patch?

Mighty Patch is a gentle (yet super-effective) pimple patch. To be exact, it’s a transparent hydrocolloid sticker that sucks up pus and protects the skin.

First, thoroughly clean and dry the blemish and surrounding area. Apply a Mighty Patch directly on top of the blemish and leave it on until the sticker turns opaque white, which generally takes about six hours. If there is still pus left in the pimple after your patch is removed, you can replace it with a new patch. Mighty Patch is safe to use overnight or during the day.

What kind of pimple is Mighty Patch designed for?

Since hydrocolloid attracts water and fluid, Mighty Patch works best on pimples that have come to a head (in other words, you can see white fluid or pus trapped in the pimple). If you tried a Mighty Patch and it didn’t change from transparent to opaque white, your pimple might not have been “mature” enough or the right type of blemish.

If you have cystic acne, we recommend you see a doctor or dermatologist for professional treatment.

What’s the difference between Mighty Patch Original, Invisible+ and Surface?

Mighty Patch Original is the Hero Cosmetics OG. It’s our nighttime patch and comes in one size. Mighty Patch Invisible+ is ultra thin and has tapered edges that seamlessly blend into your skin, making it perfect for daytime use. Mighty Patch Surface is best for cluster (or large area) breakouts (e.g., along the jawline, cheeks and forehead).

Is the Mighty Patch safe to use alongside acne prescription medication?

We recommend you consult your doctor before using any prescription drugs with Mighty Patch.

What's the maximum length of time I should wear a patch?

If you've worn the patch for over 6 hours and it hasn't absorbed anything, it can mean a few things:

- The pimple does not have fluid in it so it's not "ripe" yet or not the right type of pimple
- The pimple does have fluid in it but the fluid is deep in the pore. The patch can help coax the fluid to the surface and then coax it out but this will take 1-3 days depending on how deep the fluid is.
- The patch needs easier access to the fluid. Some customers have seen that popping or pricking the pimple can help draw out the fluid faster onto the patch.

We advise you wear the patch for 6-8 hours or until the patch has absorbed the gunk out, whichever is first. If after 6-8 hours, the patch has not absorbed anything, please see above. Let us know if you have other questions!

Here's a blog article that explains the reasons why the patch may not have worked and how to fix it.

How is Mighty Patch different from other acne solutions?

No harsh chemicals or formulas that dry out skin
Won’t irritate sensitive skin
Acts as a protective barrier against germs and bacteria
Prevents touching and picking, which can worsen blemishes or cause scarring
Visibly shows that it’s working by changing from transparent to white
Easy to use, small, light and portable
100% safe and FDA-approved
Safe for pregnant women and nursing moms

What do I do after I take off my patch?

First, wash your skin using a low pH-cleanser, followed by an exfoliator. After skin is dry, use a moisturizer to nourish your skin. Read more about post-patch care here.

Is Mighty Patch cruelty-free?

Yes! Mighty Patch is cruelty-free and vegan-friendly as well as latex free. We do not test on animals in any country, nor do we work with suppliers or manufacturers that test on animals. The products we create represent our values, including the belief that animals should not be hurt at the expense of good skin.

Is Mighty Patch safe for pregnant women and nursing moms?

Yes! Mighty Patch is not formulated with harsh chemicals, so it's the perfect acne spot treatment for pregnant women. We interviewed dermatologist Dr. Jenny Liu during her pregnancy, and she recommended Mighty Patch as a safe treatment for pregnant women. Read the interview on our blog here.

That being said, we suggest confirming with your doctor since every pregnancy is different.

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