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XL Patch Duo

The full-coverage patch duo

Our Mighty Patch Nose is tailored specially for your nose while gently and effectively absorbing gunk overnight. Mighty Patch Surface, our jumbo-size hydrocolloid strip, covers XL breakout areas and makes zits look flatter within hours.
Traps pore gunk
Absorbs oil
Covers your pimple so you don’t pick or pop
XL Patch Duo
The full-coverage patch duo

A powerful patch duo designed to absorb gunk and improve the look of pores and pimples in just 6–8 hours.

Traps pore gunk
Absorbs oil
Covers your pimple so you don’t pick or pop
How to Use
Start with clean, dry skin. Apply the patch and leave on 6-8 hours (until it turns white with gunk). Now the fun part: peel it off!
XL Patch Duo
Individual ingredient lists below
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Mighty Patch Nose: Hydrocolloid

Mighty Patch Surface: Hydrocolloid
Clean + Conscious
Medical grade
Clinically tested
Allergy tested
Gamma-ray sterilized
Gentle on skin
Safe for sensitive skin
Not tested on animals
Covers T-zone, bacne, and the rest
Use on forehead, nose, chin, back, or anywhere pimples pop up (absorbs oil and gunk in 6-8 hours).
Keep out impurities. Do no harm.
Our patches are made with hydrocolloid which is safe and gentle for all skin types.
Resist temptation
Not only does this patch duo absorb acne gunk and make zits look flatter, it covers your pimples so you don’t pick or pop them.
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