Oct. 16, 2019
The Curology Guide To Big Zits

Hydrocolloid bandages are small adhesive bandages that can reduce a sore pimple overnight, pulling out all the white gunk from inside the pimple so it sticks to the bandage and lets your skin heal underneath. 


Best acne patch or hydrocolloid bandage for pimples: Mighty Patch by Hero Cosmetics.

    Oct. 10, 2019
    ‘It’s unlike any other social platform’: How brands are tapping into Gen-Z influencers on TikTok

    For its campaign, Hero Cosmetics spent hours scouring TikTok and found 20 creators, asking them to create two videos over two weeks in conjunction with the brand’s move into Target. Through that campaign, the brand saw a 12% engagement rate, versus 4.5% on Instagram stories. Hero Cosmetics declined to share the specific creators it worked with but noted it reached 4.3 million people through the campaign.

    Oct. 08, 2019
    Four Leading Beauty Entrepreneurs On Raising Money, Expanding Into Mass And Leaving Full-Time Jobs For Their Brands

    Hero Cosmetics co-founder Ju Rhyu led an intimate discussion during the event at Naked Retail’s New York City outpost with Fur co-founder Laura Schubert, Scentbird co-founder Rachel ten Brink and Amy Ling Lin, founder and CEO of Sundays, that delved into realities of female entrepreneurship. The quartet pledged to plow full speed ahead with expansion plans with or without outside financing.

    Oct. 02, 2019
    9 Acne Patches That Actually Work

    How it works: In a perfect world, blemishes would only surface one at a time. The latest from Hero Cosmetics caters to the real world by enlarging their original Mighty Patch to cover entire sections of the face—think forehead, back, cheek, chin—to treat hormonal, cystic, any type of breakout, fast.

    Sep. 27, 2019
    13 Go-To Distractions to Keep You From Skin Picking

    If you find yourself picking at pimples on your face, arms or chest, blemish patches can be helpful to keep yourself from picking. Blemish patches have a fluid-absorbing gel to draw out pus and speed up the healing process, which may also help you stop picking at them.

    Sep. 18, 2019
    The Best Pimple Patches to Clear, Cure, and Make Your Acne Look Cute

    Perfect for when skin decided to go haywire (looking at you, hormones)

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