Jul. 31, 2019
How I Minimize Hyperpigmentation As A Woman Of Color Who Loves Popping Pimples

This product is great, not only because it's incredibly affordable and it works, but with the patch being nearly transparent for people of all skin tones, you can wear it day or night.

Jul. 19, 2019
I Tried Amazon's Top-Rated Pimple Patches For Period Acne — Here's The Verdict

As you can see, the bump is still there but it decreased SIGNIFICANTLY overnight! One of the agonizing parts about having pimples on your face specifically is feeling like they're never going to go away. The pimple patches decreased that impatience I feel because I could literally see the gunk coming out and a dramatic overnight difference.

Jul. 17, 2019
10 Best Pimple Patches for Clear, Breakout-Free Skin

Not sure if your acne treatment is working? The Mighty Patch shows you! You can visibly see the fluid-absorbing gel drawing out pus from your pimple. The process might sound intense, but don't worry: The drug-free formula works for any skin type. 

Jul. 17, 2019
12 Pimple Patches That Will Zap Your Zits Overnight

No one has to know you're wearing this a pimple patch if you're rocking one of these. Its tapered edges help blend into your skin, and if you're really conscious of it, dab concealer on the patch to mask it even further.

Jun. 15, 2019
Breakout Acne Solution Brand Hero Cosmetics Bursts Into Target

At Target, Hero is being placed on the website and in mini sections that are spreading across most of the chain’s beauty departments. For the retailer, it developed a unique product, $7 Mighty Patch Duo, with six Mighty Patch Original patches for overnight blemish treatments and six Invisible+ patches for day blemish treatments.

Jul. 15, 2019
You Can Now Buy These Beloved Acne Patches At Target

Starting today, you'll be able to shop its cult-favorite pimple patches in 1,500 Targets nationwide and on The launch means a brand-new product created specifically for the retailer—The Mighty Patch Duo—which will include six Mighty Patch Original patches (recommended for overnight treatment) and six Invisible+ patches you can wear during the day

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