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Should I Be Layering My SPFs?

Is it just us, or is every beauty staple packing a little something extra these days? SPF, that is. Every other moisturizer, primer, foundation, even eyeshadow comes factory-installed with SPF. And if you layer them all you'll be extra protected, right? Not right? Once and for all, here's the answer.

15 Non-Toxic Wellness Products To Score From Target

If you have yet to hop on the pimple patch bandwagon, allow me to change your life. Basically, these little stickers stick onto a pimple or breakout and suck out all the gunk in six hours. Seriously. You'll wake up and any zit will be gone (it's like magic!).

The 33 Skincare Products Our Team Buys On Repeat

"...One thing I have now that I didn’t have in my teens? These magical pimple patches, that are essentially blemish-erasing stickers. Any time I have a pimple (or three), I pop them on before bed, and by the time I remove them in the morning, the only thing left behind is a small red dot where an angry blemish once glared."

The Best New September Skin-Care Launches to Add to Your Fall Routine

Body toners are abundant in skin-care aisles, but the Hero Brave Body Once-Over Toner has a leg up on its competitors with its exfoliating blend of glycolic and salicylic acids that targets body acne.

Everything you need to know about glycerin in skincare

If you don’t want your skin feeling heavy after moisturizing, then this is definitely the one product that you need. Hero Cosmetics is a favorite of mine in general, but the fact that this moisturizer contains glycerin makes me love them more.

Hero Cosmetics Has Everything You Need to Battle Breakouts Without Being Harsh

The brand takes a gentle yet effective approach to treating acne in all its stages, from skin-saving hydrocolloid patches that are the brand's bestsellers to postpimple recovery balms and serums.

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