Jun. 13, 2019
Acne brand Hero Cosmetics leans on wellness movement to build consumer trust

Acne is misunderstood by many, especially adult acne. It has been oversimplified by the wellness industry, and often acne is masking a much deeper issue of a hormonal imbalance or genetics.

Jun. 12, 2019
Are Pimple Patches Worth The Hype?

A hydrocolloid dressing is something that’s really healing to the skin. It’s kind of creating an environment that’s going to protect the skin and help it heal while the active ingredient gets in.

Jun. 07, 2019
Skin care A to Z: Learn about dermaplaning, acids, extracting, more

Leave your breakout alone, put on a pimple patch.

Jun. 04, 2019
Our Editors Share the Acne Treatment Products That They Swear By

It works like a charm every single time and while it’s admittedly gross, there’s something satisfying about seeing the pus of your pimple being sucked out completely when you wake up. 

Jun. 01, 2019
All The Cool Kids Own These 40 Products You Can Get On Amazon

Unwanted blemishes are no match for the Mighty Patch acne treatment — the hydrocolloid patches not only absorb pus and other irritants out of any zits, but they also blend into your skin so that you can wear them during the day.

May. 30, 2019
Her Startup Went From Farmers' Markets to Big Acquisition in Just 7 Years. Now She's Helping the Next Generation Succeed

After selling Schmidt's Naturals to Unilever, natural-beauty entrepreneur Jaime Schmidt is mentoring Hero Cosmetics co-founder Ju Rhyu.

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