Jun. 02, 2020
Sunday Riley, Orly And Other Beauty Brands Join Glossier In Financial Support Of The Black Community

Hero Cosmetics is donating 100 percent of proceeds up to $10,000 from its newest launch to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund for the first week of June

Jun. 02, 2020
If You’re Wearing a Face Mask All Day, Here’s How to Take Care of Your Skin

I love these acne spots, which target larger pimples directly at the source. These hydrocolloid patches help eliminate acne-causing infection and bacteria. Just slap one of these on and you can wear them all day under your mask without worrying about it. 

Jun. 01, 2020
These Brands Are Financially Supporting Black Lives Matter Causes

Other popular brand names, like Hero Cosmetics, are donating 100 percent of proceeds from its latest Mighty Patch Micropoint for Dark Spots for the week of June 1 to the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund charity.

Jun. 01, 2020
What Beauty Brands Are Doing to Support the BLM Movement

Hero Cosmetics: “A future of equality can only be created by those who take action.” As of June 1st, proceeds from sales up to $10,000, are being donated to the NAACP’s Legal Defense Fund.

Jun. 01, 2020
Hero Cosmetics’ New Launch Will Donate Proceeds To The NAACP Legal Defense & Educational Fund All Week

"We stand together with the Black community in the fight against systemic racism," reads an Instagram caption from acne brand Hero Cosmetics. "A future of equality can only be created by those who take action." Which is why all the proceeds of Hero Cosmetics' new Micropoint for Dark Spots will be donated to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund during the week of June 1.

Jun. 01, 2020
I Have Hormonal Acne, and These Are the 5 Spot Treatments I Can't Live Without

When I feel a big hormonal cyst coming on, the Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch Original ($13) is the option I turn to. The vegan and cruelty-free patches are made from clean products, but they do wonders. I have used these on my most painful and deepest pimples. I find that not only do they go away much faster but they help reduce a dark spot that's often left behind.


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