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Free reusable cotton rounds with orders $39+

We’re flexible. As in FSA.

Spend your FSA $$$ on the things you want and the things that work.

This super-star hydrocolloid patch pulls gunk out of pimples overnight. Now you can wake up to clearer looking skin.
Meet your multi-hyphenate sunscreen. Serving SPF 30 with an ultra-smooth, skin-like finish that won’t clog pores.
When you need just a little more surface area – Mighty Patch Surface covers XL breakout areas to visibly flatten pimple clusters in hours.

Use ‘em. Don’t lose ‘em.

Buy with $$$/credit, or use your FSA card. Get reimbursed with proof of purchase. Enjoy the goods.

Get reimbursed
Go to Mighty Patch™ Original patch

Mighty Patch™ Original patch

The nighttime acne patch

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Go to Mighty Patch™ Invisible+ patch

Mighty Patch™ Invisible+ patch

The daytime acne patch

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Go to Mighty Patch™ Surface patch

Mighty Patch™ Surface patch

The larger acne patch

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Go to Mighty Patch™ Variety Pack

Mighty Patch™ Variety Pack

For all your pimple emergencies

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Go to Superlight Sunscreen SPF 30

Superlight Sunscreen SPF 30

The SPF for acne-prone skin

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Go to Mighty Patch™ Nose patch

Mighty Patch™ Nose patch

The nose acne patch

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Go to Mighty Patch™ Chin patch

Mighty Patch™ Chin patch

The chin acne patch

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Go to Mighty Patch™ Face patch

Mighty Patch™ Face patch

The full-face patch set

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Are Hero Cosmetics products FSA eligible?

Yes, for the most part. You should check your FSA provider to see if Hero Cosmetics products are eligible, because FSA programs can differ from one another. The following Hero Cosmetics’ product are eligible for FSA reimbursement:

Mighty Patch Original
Mighty Patch Invisible
Mighty Patch Surface
Mighty Patch Variety
Mighty Patch Nose
Mighty Patch Chin
Mighty Patch Face
Superlight Sunscreen SPF 30

Note: This list was updated on 2/21/23

My FSA claim was denied, what do I do?

First, call your FSA provider customer service to ask why the claim was denied. If your claim was denied to due to the confirmation receipt, check to make sure the receipt as everything you need on it: Provider Name, Date of Service, Product Name and Amount.

Date of Service has to be a date. If it is a timestamp (i.e Today at 10:27 AM), just wait until it turns into a date. Some email clients use a timestamp for the first 24 hours.

How do I download the confirmation email as a PDF?

Locate the confirmation email within your email client. Print the email and instead of printing save as a PDF. More instructions by email provider are here.

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