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Try It Tuesday - How to Wear Acne Patches During the Day

We're launching a new series called Try It Tuesday from Hero Cosmetics HQ. On Tuesdays, we'll be trying something new with Mighty Patch and sharing with you the results so that you don't have to do it yourselves. We'll take the guesswork out of some of your most burning questions like, "Can I wear Mighty Patch during the day? If so, how?" or "Can I wear Mighty Patch while working out?". 


This Tuesday, we'll be tackling the topic of wearing Mighty Patch during the day and how you can do it discreetly. Read below from one of our contributors.


A couple of days ago we took a poll on Instagram. We asked you guys when you use Mighty Patch. An overwhelming number of you guys said you only wear it at night! To be honest, I was shocked because I wear mine during the day.

Animated image of mighty patch

(Most people use Mighty Patch at night but here's how to wear it during the day)


So today, I thought I’d discuss what it’s like for me to wear it during the day and offer some of my favorite tips and tricks about wearing it throughout the day.


Before Mighty Patch, when I woke up with a new red zit on my face, I didn’t want to put makeup on it. By layering concealer and foundation, I felt like I was feeding it “nutrition” to grow larger. As a true believer in look good, feel good, do good, I’d repress any guilt I felt, add an extra layer of foundation over my zit, and go about my day.


After some trial and error, I’ve perfected how to wear makeup with Mighty Patch. I think it’s worth mentioning that I have oily skin, and I hate heavy makeup.


Immediately after washing my face, I put my patch on. I noticed that you have to be very gentle with the patch. If you’re too aggressive, you’ll find nail marks on the patch. And it’s the nail marks that will make your patch more visible. I found that folding the plastic and using the surface of my nail is the best way to remove the patch.

Image of hands peeling off Mighty patch

(Quick tip: fold the sheet and gently remove the patch)


After putting the patch on, I go about my regular skincare routine. I try to avoid drenching the patch with unnecessary product. Despite how adhesive Mighty Patch is, I don’t want to agitate it or give it a reason to come off sooner than it should. However, I do put sunscreen on my patch.

I found that using a thicker concealer is best. The thick viscosity of the concealer will hold better around the patch as oppose to a runny concealer. A small amount goes a long way! I don’t focus it on the center of the patch-- I pat around it. Next, I use my beauty blender to blend it out. I found that using a beauty blender or a disposable sponge works best. If you use a brush, you’re more prone to getting makeup under the patch. And if there nail marks on you patch, then the makeup seeps through.

Hands with swatches of concealer

(Choose the right concealer)


Afterwards, I go about my regular makeup routine. The only thing I stay away from is putting highlighter on the patches. You can even contour on top of these patches. But you have blend well! And again, using a sponge or a beauty blender works best.

After all these steps, you might notice that occasionally, the shiny surface of the patch will peak through your make up. To fix this problem, I powder my face with translucent powder. To counteract the shiny surface of the patch.

Throughout the day, my face does get a little oily. I carry a small compact with me to touch up my make up. As long as I touch up my face once in awhile, the patch stays intact and unseen.

asian girl with mighty patch

(Mighty Patch with a little bit of concealer and a beauty blender)


Like all great things, perfection takes time. This is what worked best for me, and it might not work best for you. But I encourage you to keep trying!


Comment below to share your favorite tips and tricks, and we’ll give it a try.

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