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The Proof Is in the Pus Pics

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Spoiler Alert: If you want to be surprised by what’s left on your acne patch after you remove it, do not read this post.


Some people love to pop pimples. While I don’t consider myself an all-out pimple popping fanatic, I will admit that when my husband gets this recurring giant blackhead on the side of his neck, I can’t help but resist popping it - whether he likes it or not. There’s something satisfying about watching all of the gunk come out of a pimple. And I’m not alone. Dermatologist Sandra Lee, aka Dr. Pimple Popper, has over four million subscribers watching her YouTube videos of pimple popping, blackhead extractions and other juicy procedures.


Whether you are one of those video-watching popaholics or just curious about how Mighty Patch measures up to a good old-fashioned popping, we have some photos of just-removed patches to share with you.


See all that white stuff? It’s the pus that Mighty Patch absorbed from a pimple. Yuck (but also Yay)!



In this photo, you can really see a ton of acne fluids concentrated in the center of the Mighty Patch. 



There you have it! Are Mighty Patches the best acne removers or what?


Eager to see some more Mighty Patch pus pics? Check out our How it Works Insta Story! And if you have a gunk shot you'd want to share, we're all eyes – so tag us @herocosmetics! 


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