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Sprintec birth control for acne

Acne Basics

Here's What You Need to Know About Taking Birth Control for Acne

It controls acne, but how does it work? What are the side effects? Do all birth control do the same thing?
hand squeezing hydrocortisone cream on finger to be used for acne

Acne Basics

How is Hydrocortisone Used for Acne?

Hydrocortisone has been used for years to heal pesky pimples, but is it actually safe for all skin types?
Melissa putting a Mighty Patch on a bleeding pimple

Acne Basics

Eek! Here’s What to Do If A Pimple Starts Bleeding

So you popped a pimple, and now it’s bleeding? Don’t freak out. Here’s how to make a pimple stop bleeding in 5 easy steps.
beta glucan derived from oats


Why Beta-Glucans Are the Latest Skincare Ingredient to Know

Better than hyaluronic acid? That’s a pretty big claim! Is it true?
Close up of oily skin and pores

Acne Basics

What is Sebum? And What Does it Have to Do With Acne?

Sebum hydrates and protects, but what happens when you have too much?

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