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Everything You Need to Know About Carbs and Acne

Could the foods that cause acne be hiding in your diet?
Layering rocks balance stress acne

Acne Basics

Does Stress Really Cause Acne?

Seeing more blemishes in a busy week? Don't sweat it. Here are eight quick tips to minimize stress acne.
anna mei examining the types of acne she has in the mirror

Acne Basics

Pimples, Explained: How to Identify and Treat Every Type of Acne

Papules, pustules, nodules - oh my! Here’s your guide to the six types of acne.
tavon looking at shoulder and back acne

Acne Basics

It’s Not Just for Faces: Bacne 101

Bacne happens to the best of us, but it doesn’t need to get the best of us.
pH scale from 1-14. Less than 7 means acidic, above 7 is alkaline, 7 is neutral, skin's optimal ph is 5.5

Acne Basics

The pH Balancing Act: How it Can Help with Acne

Learn what pH levels are and how to balance your skin's pH levels properly, which can help reduce acne, wrinkles and dry s...

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