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Layering rocks balance stress acne

Acne Basics

Does Stress Really Cause Acne?

Seeing more blemishes in a busy week? Don't sweat it. Here are eight quick tips to minimize stress acne.
Yoga Instructor Kate Diaz leading a class in restful yoga


Yoga, The Relaxing Way to Treat Acne

Yoga instructor Kate Diaz stopped by to share some restful yoga poses. So roll out your yoga mat and relax with us! 
Does coffee cause acne?

Acne Basics

Caffeine: Is Your Morning Brew Causing You Breakouts?

We claim we can't live without our morning cold brew, but how is coffee affecting our brain, body and skin?
Dr. Michelle chung

Meet the Experts

Manage Your Stress Better With Psychologist Dr. Michelle Chung

We spoke to psychologist Dr. Michelle Chung and asked her for some real tips to manage stress better.
Girl analyzing pimple on face in front of a mirror


Why Back to School Shouldn’t Mean Back to Stress

Is there a connection between stress and acne? What can you do about it?

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