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The Patch Match: Find the Right Pimple Patch for Every Kind of Breakout

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The Patch Match: The Best Pimple Patches for All Kind of Pimples

Find out which type of patch – microneedle, hydrocolloid, or treatment – is right for your breakout
Melissa putting a Mighty Patch on a bleeding pimple

Acne Basics

Eek! Here’s What to Do If A Pimple Starts Bleeding

So you popped a pimple, and now it’s bleeding? Don’t freak out. Here’s how to make a pimple stop bleeding in 5 easy steps.
4 Hacks to Help You Become a Micropoint Pro

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4 Hacks to Help You Become a Micropoint Pro

Find out exactly how to use Micropoint for Blemishes - our new microneedle patch.
Hands holding Mighty Patch Invisible+

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Get Ready with Mighty Patch: Office Makeup

Follow along with us as we show you how to create a simple makeup look over Mighty Patch Invisible+ to hide your pimple an...
woman pressing pimple patch on face

Acne Basics

Yes, You Can Pop a Pimple (As Long As You Do It Right)

How do you pop a pimple? Popping pimples is so #oddlysatisfying. If you want to satisfy your craving, here are the dos and...


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