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Dr. Michelle chung

Meet the Experts

Manage Your Stress Better With Psychologist Dr. Michelle Chung

We spoke to psychologist Dr. Michelle Chung and asked her for some real tips to manage stress better.
Girl analyzing pimple on face in front of a mirror


Why Back to School Shouldn’t Mean Back to Stress

Is there a connection between stress and acne? What can you do about it?
woman pressing pimple patch on face

Acne Basics

Yes, You Can Pop a Pimple (As Long As You Do It Right)

How do you pop a pimple? Popping pimples is so #oddlysatisfying. If you want to satisfy your craving, here are the dos and...
When the Pimples Don’t Disappear after High School

Meet the Experts

When the Pimples Don’t Disappear after High School

When was your acne at its worst? For many people, it's high school. For others, high school was only the beginning. We had...

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Hands holding toothpaste, lemons, and hot spoon.

Acne Basics

What’s Old Is New Again? Maybe Not, When It Comes to Acne Treatments

Before the era of online reviews, we learned all our acne tricks from YouTube and Seventeen's DIY tricks. Do they work? 


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