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Try It Tuesday- Will Mighty Patch Work On A Small Cut?

This week, we decided to try Mighty Patch on something other than a pimple, like a cut on the skin!
Dr. Jenny Liu

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Hear It From An Expert: Acne Chat With Dr. Jenny Liu

Let’s chat! We chatted with Dr. Jenny Liu, answering your burning questions about acne and hydrocolloid patches.
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Try It Tuesday - How to Wear Acne Patches During the Day

We're launching a new series called Try It Tuesday! Today, we’re going to try wearing Mighty Patch during the day.
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What's All The Hype? The Inside Scoop On Why We're Better

When it comes to acne patches, there are certainly a few brands to choose from, but Hero prioritizes quality at all times.

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Behind The Scenes: How Do Celebrities Keep Acne At Bay?


Behind The Scenes: How Do Celebrities Keep Acne At Bay?

Emma Stone, Kerry Washington and Gwyneth Paltrow have all dealt with acne, how do they control their skin now?


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