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3 Ways to Tell if Your Acne Patches Are Top-Notch

Acne patches have begun to take the American skincare market by by storm - and for many great reasons! They’re affordable, gentle and, most importantly, they work. Plus, they solve the age-old beauty problem of walking around with an embarrassing whitehead covered in acne cream.

Like any popular skincare product, there are many different brands selling pimple patches and many different types of hydrocolloid (the primary ingredient), so it can be tricky to know which acne patches are the highest quality (aka, the ones that will actually work and not ruin your skin). If you’ve already purchased a pack of patches, here are three ways you can tell if you’ve found a good one.


Check for air bubbles.

If you hold your acne patch up to the light and look closely at it, do you see little flecks or dots? If so, you’re not getting what you paid for. Those little flecks are air bubbles, which means the patch does not contain 100% pure hydrocolloid and the production methods were less than ideal. And the more flecks you see, the less effective the patch will be.

To show you exactly what we mean, here is a side-by-side comparison of Mighty Patch to another popular brand.

mighty patch on top and other brand patches on the bottom

Mighty Patch is the “clear” winner because we use only the best ingredients and manufacturing processes to ensure our patches actually help you solve your trouble spots. This is a quick and easy test you can do at home to assess the quality of your pimple patches.


Dip your acne patch into water to check absorbency.

Wet a pimple patch by quickly dipping it in water. After leaving it alone for two minutes, touch the sticky side. If it’s still sticky, that means it’s NOT absorbing fluids as quickly as it should. When a high-quality acne patch is exposed to water (or pus and fluids), it becomes less sticky because it is absorbing the fluids (and doing its job).

In a side-by-side test with another popular pimple patch brand versus Mighty Patch, we found that Mighty Patch was less sticky (which means it has better absorption power). But even though the Mighty Patch feels less sticky during this test, it will stay on your skin until it is ready for removal. Try this at home and see for yourself!

patch being dipped in water for absorbency test

Take a sniff

Okay, that might not be the first thing you want to do with your acne patches, but it works. It’s a rule not only for pimple patches, but for beauty products in general: If something smells off, it probably is.

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Many manufacturers use solvents when making hydrocolloid acne patches in order to speed up manufacturing time. However, if the solvents are not completely dissipated, you may notice a weird smell. Some Reddit readers have noticed that their acne patches smell like petrol, which is likely due to solvents.

Mighty Patches will never smell because we never use solvents. We don’t cut corners, so you can always expect our patches to be high quality and to work.

Have you done any pimple patch tests? Let us know in a comment below.

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