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What's All The Hype? The Inside Scoop On Why We're Better

When it comes to acne patches, there are certainly a few brands to choose from, but Hero Cosmetics prioritizes quality at all times. Despite their size and simplicity, there is actually a lot more that goes into creating our patches. Many satisfied Amazon customers have commented on our lasting adhesive and effective outcome.

So what makes Mighty Patch so different (and better) than other products on the market? Mighty Patch is made using only the best tech and machinery and uses no short cuts to make these powerful hydrocolloid patches. What this means is 3 things:


It's all about consistency, stickiness, and better absorption power 

Mighty Patch delivers a very consistent patch width (or thinness) in every single patch within a very narrow range. This means you can trust that every single Mighty Patch is held up to high standards of quality, always offers consistency, and gives you stickiness power.  When you buy a box of Mighty Patch you'll know that every patch you use will do the job it's supposed to. With other brands, the product quality is a common complaint; customers find that the patches fall off or don't hold as well. Often times, this is because they can't deliver on the consistency of sticker that Mighty Patch can. Only Mighty Patch delivers the pus-absorbing power in every sticker, all the time. 

Photo of Mighty Patch Original


No weird odors

Ever notice that your acne patch has a weird smell? It might be because of how they're made. Some brands and manufacturers use solvents to make their acne patches and these solvents sometimes (if not 100% vaporized) can lend a weird smell. Solvents could also be the reason why your skin could be left irritated after using a patch. While every skin type has different sensitivity reactions to certain chemicals, reactions can happen even at a microscopic level and disrupt your skin's molecular make up. 


No shortcuts taken with our hydrocolloid patches

We take the road less traveled by using more expensive methods to get the highest quality hydrocolloid; everything in our patches are made to the highest specifications so we can provide you with the best acne patches that produce the best results. 


See what our customers are saying about our quality

Don't believe us? Check out our Instagram handle at @herocosmetics to read snippets of what our customers are raving about. 




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