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3 Genius Mighty Patch Hacks

While it’s no longer a secret that Mighty Patches are ultra-effective at eliminating pimples, most people don’t know that they can do more than clear your acne. Originally developed to treat wounds, the agents in hydrocolloid (the primary ingredient in Mighty Patch) actively absorb fluids and and other bad stuff without drying the surrounding skin.

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If you needed any more proof that Mighty Patches are a must-pack for your next weekend getaway, here are three ways you can use Mighty Patch that don’t involve pimples:

1. Small cuts (paper cuts, etc.)

Unless you’re a mom of small children, you probably don’t have bandaids of multiple sizes available to you at all times. So let’s say you get a paper cut (ouch!) or other small cut and don’t want to use an eyesore of a bandage, you can just slap on a Mighty Patch and let the healing begin. It absorbs the pus and fluids, while also helping to reduce redness and swelling. We tested it out, just in case you want to see how it works before you try it yourself. Check out the results (complete with before and after pictures) here.

2. Shaving nicks and cuts

This one’s for the guys. While your grandpa likely had a styptic pencil in his shaving kit, we know you probably don’t. And accidentally leaving the house with a bloody square of toilet paper stuck to your face is a good look for no one. After the bleeding has slowed down, you can use a Mighty Patch to cover it up and absorb the remaining blood and other fluid. And since our patches are basically invisible, you can avoid getting the “this loser’s got TP stuck to his face” look from strangers on the street.

3. Bug bites

Ah summertime…barefoot picnics in the park, long days at the beach, warm nights at the local beer garden...and unfortunately, itchy bug bites galore. Since bugs thrive in warm weather, you may get a chance to try this Mighty Patch hack right away. While most bug bites heal easily on their own, using a Mighty Patch can help you stop itching (which we all know is easier said than done) and suck out the gunk (pus, blood and more) for quicker healing.




Do you have any Mighty Patch hacks to share? Tag us @herocosmetics and we’ll make your tip instafamous!

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