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Not Just Another Pimple Patch: What Makes Hero Cosmetics Different

Get to know what makes us tick and why you should choose Hero. 
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Shopping for new skincare products is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. With thousands of options out there, it can be tough to decide which product is worth your hard-earned dough. If you’re anything like me, you probably put three or four of the same product type in your virtual Sephora, Target or Amazon cart and then make a decision once you’ve read tons of reviews and checked out all the specs. I even choose “save for later” for the products I’m not buying … just in case the one I selected doesn’t work out.

With that in mind, we certainly couldn’t blame you if your last cart contained Mighty Patch alongside COSRX, Neutrogena, and ZitSticka. Even the once-niche market of pimple patches has exploded, giving you dozens of options to choose from. How do you decide? Which brand is the best? Which company really knows how to treat acne?

While we can’t speak for the other brands, we can tell you what makes Hero Cosmetics different. What makes us tick. Why our products work. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do today – and hopefully save you some time when you're on your next hunt for an acne treatment.

Mighty patch bundle
The Mighty Patch Collection

Acne care 2.0

In the past, anyone with acne basically had two options. You could treat breakouts at home with harsh pimple creams that often dried out your skin along with the zits. Or you could head to the dermatologist for treatments and prescription topicals and meds, which while effective, could really start to add up. 💰

Hero Cosmetics began when our co-founder and CEO Ju first discovered hydrocolloid acne patches in South Korea and decided to create a high-grade pimple patch for the U.S. market. The patches were a game-changer, a gentle way to essentially pull out all of the gunk from your pimples overnight. And everyone deserved to have an acne treatment like that. 

Fast forward a few years, and we’re still innovating to create acne-care products that everyone deserves to have. Our goal is to offer a new, much-needed perspective on acne and acne care. No more waiting out breakouts. No harsh ingredients that leave you with more skin issues than when you started. No outdated approaches that fail to deliver healthy, balanced skin for the long term.

Instead, each and every Hero product is uniquely designed to bring your skin back to healthy. Our products are different from those other options in your cart because they:   

1. Actually work

2. Meet clinically high standards

3. Are simple to use together or alone

Hands peeling Mighty Patch Original
Our hydrocolloid patches use medical grade hydrocolloid and are proven to be non-irritating on the skin

    Efficacy you can see

    If seeing is believing, then just check out some of the Mighty Patch before and after pics. While a tad gross (and maybe a bit #oddlysatisfying), the ability to actually see all of your pimple gunk removed from a pimple is 100% proof that the patch is working. These “magic moments” that you can see allow you to feel confident in your skin and in the fact that our products are working hard for you from Day 1.

    Savannah smiling wearing Mighty Patch Invisible+
    Mighty Patch Invisible+ is the winner of Refinery29's 2018 Beauty Innovation Award for Acne Care

    Our consciously clinical approach

    Hero follows a conscious approach to healing skin - one that is always backed by clinically high standards

    Honesty and integrity drive our business and the products we create. Gentle ingredients. Transparent product details. Acne treatments that you can understand, trust and know will safely heal your skin. For example, in the battle of salicylic acid vs. benzoyl peroxide, we’re salicylic acid all the way because it doesn’t cause irritation and dry out your skin the way that benzoyl peroxide can. 

    Throughout the research and development processes, we’re always questioning how a product can be better, more effective, and a bigger contributor to long-term skin health. Together with dermatologists, skincare experts, and acne sufferers, we take an innovative approach in consumer testing to ensure that our products are the best of their kind.

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    Mighty Patch Dark Spots, Rescue balm, micropoint for blemishes, invisible+
    The ultimate acne-arsenal

    Easy acne care for all

    Our holistic solutions span your skin’s entire healing journey, from prevention to recovery. But the last thing we want is someone waking up at 2 a.m. in a cold sweat because they forgot step 3 of a 7-step acne-care system.

    We are regular people who break out and know exactly how it feels when a pimple pops up. We know that some days, there just isn’t the time (or energy) to give your skin more than 10 minutes of attention. Our product lines reflect our collective acne journey, but you’re in control of your own journey, so each product is designed to work on its own or in tandem with the others.

    First treat. 

    Use the best acne spot treatments to tackle surprises STAT. If you apply Micropoint for Blemishes in the very early stages, it’s possible to completely heal the pimple before an infection/whitehead even forms. Talk about not missing a beat!

    Once a whitehead does appear, resist the urge to pop! That is definitely not an effective method of acne removal. Instead, stick on a Mighty Patch Original (for overnight elimination), Invisible+ (ultra-thin for daytime treatment, yes even out in public) or Surface (for those large-area breakouts). The hydrocolloid sucks up all the pimple pus and gunk in just hours.

    Then repair.

    Heal and balance lingering skin challenges to bring your skin back to healthy. When you want to kick your comeback into hyperspeed, reach for Rescue Balm. It relieves red, flaky post-pimple skin and speeds up the healing process.

    Once your skin returns to its pre-pimple texture (typically 2-3 days), you can use Micropoint for Dark Spots to treat post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and reduce the need to later tackle acne scar removal. Finally, call in Lightning Wand for maximum coverage. It’s a twice-daily rollerball serum packed with gentle ecids to brighten and even out dark spots wherever you need it.

    Destina wearing Rescue Balm
    Each and every Hero product is uniquely designed to bring your skin back to healthy

    Our promise to you

    We promise to restore your healthiest skin by treating it for today and healing it for tomorrow. Each and every product is designed with this promise in mind. And we’ve only just begun! It’s time to gain control over your skin’s healing journey, from start to finish. Keep an eye out for innovative new Hero products that will allow your best skin to shine through every step of the way.


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