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How Many Pimples Patches Do You Really Need? We Did the Test With Mighty Patch.

As much as we would like to believe that pimples can disappear overnight, there just isn’t one magical product that will minimize a pimple, get rid of the scarring and resurface the texture all in one. And as much as one Mighty Patch can do to get rid of an whitehead, you’ll probably need more than one to help completely heal the pimple.

We asked you guys on Instagram, how many Mighty Patches you used to get rid of one pimple. You answered:

Instagram question
Most of you guys answered 1-4 patches

So we did a test on a pimple to see how many patches I actually needed! Heres my experiment: 

Day One: Patch #1

Day One: Patch #1
Patch applied on: Night before, 11PM
Patch taken off: Day 1, 8AM.

Look how much gunk it’s absorbed! Aside from the obvious whitehead it sucked out, the patch also absorbed a lot of oil and sebum from around the pimple throughout the night. During the day, I wore an Invisible+ under makeup:

Day One: Patch #2

Day One: Patch #2 Invisible+
Patch applied on: Day 1, 10AM
Patch taken off: Day 1, 5PM

Since I wore makeup on this day, I chose the Mighty Patch Invisible+. By the end of the day patch looked extra dirty. There’s BB cream, concealer and powder on this patch. But you can tell there is not much gunk compared to the morning, except in the center where there’s also a bit of texture.

Typically on a regular pimple, after two patches, the pimple will have scabbed–which is okay! Scabbing is your body’s natural wound covering. But if you add a moist wound covering, such as hydrocolloid, on top of it, then it’ll heal even faster and minimize scarring. So even when my pimple flattened and scabbed, I’ll still use a Mighty Patch overnight.

But it can be too drying if you leave it on for too long. So in between this and the next patch, I’ll leave my skin p. But I’ll still do my skincare routine, making sure I really moisturize the blemish area. Then right before I jump into bed, I wipe away any moisture on the blemish and stick on an Original.

Day Two: Patch #3

Day two patch #3
Patch applied on: Day 2, 1:00 AM
Patch taken off: Day 2, 8:00 AM

And now, my pimple is all gone gone! You can tell there’s only a teensy bit of gunk left and the rest of the patch is just oil–which is normal since your skin produces more oil when you sleep. 

Here’s a before and after! 

I'm only wearing translucent powder here! Can you can see how much the pimple have already disappeared?

Thanks for following me along! And keep in mind that everyone’s skin is different. It took my pimple 2-3 days to completely heal, but your skin may take more or less time. Overall, I’m very happy with the results. There’s a minor dark spot but that’s usually what happens with all breakouts. Scarring usually takes a little bit longer, but that’s nothing a little bit of concealer can’t fix.

And if you’re wondering when to include Mighty Patch in your routine, check out our Mighty Patch routine guide! 

How many patches do you use to get rid of a pimple? Let us know in the comments!


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