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Where Mighty Patch Should Fall in Your Skincare Routine

Should you apply Mighty Patch before or after skincare products?
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Everyone knows you wash your face first and moisturize afterwards. But when it comes to extras like essences, serums, toners, ampoules and acne treatments, most people are a bit fuzzy on when to apply what.

It’s important to layer skincare products in the proper order to maximize results. That’s why today’s blog is going to answer one of the questions we often hear from our customers - when’s the best time to apply a Mighty Patch?

Option 1: Apply Mighty Patch at night after cleansing, and before everything else.

This option is pretty simple. Wash and dry your face and then put on a Mighty Patch. Immediately after cleansing is the ideal time to apply Mighty Patch because you’ll get maximum stickiness (and maximum pus-absorbing power). Without any excess layers of milky or moisturizing ingredients on your skin, Mighty Patch is in direct contact with the pimple.

After you stick on a patch, apply your other skincare products as you normally would. And FYI, the best order is: essence, toner, serum, ampoules, moisturizer. While Mighty Patch adheres firmly to clean, dry skin, we wouldn’t recommend that you furiously rub lotion (or other products) on your face when you are wearing a patch. Apply your products gently. 

Option 2: Use a Mighty Patch at night after you’ve finished your skincare routine.

Maybe you noticed the need for a Mighty Patch after you’ve already cleansed and applied all of your products. Don’t despair - you can still get a Mighty Patch to stick and work. You just need to clean the skin around the blemish, so wet a tissue with a bit of water and remove any product residue. 

If you don’t want to wipe off your skincare products, you’ll need to wait at least 30 minutes after application for your products to fully soak into the skin. Then stick on a patch. Depending on the type and amount of products you’ve used, they might affect the adhesiveness of the Mighty Patch. 

Option 3: Apply a Mighty Patch in the morning or during the day.

For most people, morning skincare is a lot different than nighttime skincare. Daytime moisturizers are not as heavy and makeup is typically involved. How do you use a Mighty Patch when you are wearing makeup? And can you use Mighty Patch when you don’t want everyone to know that you are wearing a pimple patch? 

That's where Invisible+ comes in. 

While the Original Mighty Patch is pretty transparent, the Invisible+ is even more … well, invisible. With a matte finish and ultra-thin tapered edges, Invisible+ covers pimples and blends seamlessly into the skin. 

If you want to wear a Mighty Patch during the day, simply follow our instructions from Options 1 or 2 (before skincare or after skincare on clean skin) before you apply concealer, foundation, or BB or CC cream. 

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After you’ve tried Mighty Patch a few times, you’ll be able to tell which application method and product (Original or Invisible+) works best for you. Remember that the primary ingredient in Mighty Patch is hydrocolloid, which absorbs fluid. It does its job (absorbing pus) best when applied to a clean whitehead, not when stuck on top of toners and lotions!

When and how do you use Mighty Patch? Let us know in the comments below!


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