The Pimple Patch for Every Skin Tone (and the pictures to prove it)

Beauty products are typically not designed to be one-tone-fits-all, and no one wants to wear or use products that look “off” or unnatural. The whole point of skincare and cosmetics is to enhance what you already have, your natural beauty.

At Hero Cosmetics, we want you to feel comfortable in your own skin. That’s why our pimple patches work for all skin tones. And we don’t mean in an almost-match-your-skin-color kind of way. We mean that Mighty Patches are transparent, so it’s your own skin tone shining through the patch.

Caucasian, Latino and African American girl smiling

In a recent Byrdie post, author Maya Allen explained that Mighty Patch’s transparency is one of the reasons she is such a fan:

“I have a dark skin tone, so I love that these patches are clear and transparent. If I want to pop one on at my desk or during the day, there's not a glaring white dot on my face.”

And if the transparent design wasn’t enough to convince you of Mighty Patch’s invisibility, our new Mighty Patch Invisible+ version is even thinner and has tapered edges that allow the acne patch to seamlessly blend into your skin.

Still skeptical about how it will look on your skin? Check out these photos and let us know how long it takes you to find the patch in each.

Girl with Mighty Patch on cheekAsian male with Mighty Patch on cheekAfrican American girl with Mighty Patch on cheekAsian girl with Mighty Patch on cheek

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Mighty Patch Variety Pack
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