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Lightning Wand vs. Micropoint for Dark Spots: What's the Difference?

Meet your new brightening strike team
In this article:

In case you haven't heard the good news, there's a new Hero product in town. Allow us to introduce you to Lightning Wand.⚡️

Here are the fast facts on Lightning Wand:

  • What is it: Brightening and illuminating serum
  • It's superpower: Visibly fades the look of post-acne scars and sunspots
  • Why we made it: Post-acne marks can take months to go away on their own—we want bright skin, fast
Lightning wand on yellow-peachy serum
Lightning Wand is formulated with the Lightning Trifecta™ – vitamin C, niacinamide, and tranexamic acid, to visibly brighten and exfoliate dark spots.

Lightening Wand is a triple threat

There are three reasons why the Lightning Wand is a homerun dark spot and acne scar treatment.

  1. It exfoliates — Lightning wand contains glycolic acid that gets rid of dead skin so your skin can better absorb the serum.
  2. It brightens — Lightning Wand slays dark spots and uneven skin tones with a trio of advanced brightening ingredients: niacinamide, tranexamic acid, and vitamin C. It also contains acetyl glucosamine for supercharged brightening, licorice root for boosting skin clarity, and gardenia Florida fruit extract to smooth skin texture.
  3. It color-corrects — Lightning wand doesn't just combat dark spots and acne spots. It also hides them with a sheer peachy-yellow tint while it works its magic.

Also, did we mention the packaging is, dare we say, sexy? It features a super-portable, travel-friendly wand design with a stainless steel rollerball and airless pump technology that keeps the serum and your skin nice and sanitary. We predict Lightning Wand will be making a lot of Instagram cameos.

Manuela applying Lightning Wand and wearing Micropoint for Dark Spots
Lightning Wand combines smart airless pump technology with a non-porous stainless steel rollerball, keeping the serum (and your skin) fresh and contaminant-free with every use.

How to use Lightning Wand and MPDS together

Now, we know what you're wondering: How does Lightning Wand differ from Micropoint Dark Spots? Great question! They're the same, but different.

Lightning Wand and Micropoint for Dark Spots are both dark spot treatments and their objective is the same: reduce the look of dark spots and post-acne marks. They also contain similar skin brightening ingredients. However, their delivery is different, so each product plays an essential role in your skin brightening toolkit.

Micropoint for Dark Spots is an overnight patch that’s designed for use after a blemish is gone. It delivers spot brightening ingredients with ultrafine hyaluronic needles. So it's a seriously concentrated spot brightening treatment that's great for tackling smaller and more stubborn marks. Using it one to two times per week is plenty.

On the other hand, Lightning Wand can be used as soon as you've popped or patched a pimple. It's safe to use once or twice per day on the days you're not using MPDS. Its translucent yellow tint looks invisible on all skin tones. So you can wear it under makeup or on bare skin.

Pro Tip

On days you're not using MPDS, add some Rescue Balm to the mix to nourish your post-breakout skin. It's formulated with ultra-replenishing antioxidants and peptides so your skin can look good as new in days.

Manuela holding up lightning wand and micropoint for dark spots
Start using Lightning Wand 1-2x per day as soon as you’ve extracted a pimple. Once the blemish is gone, add Micropoint for Dark Spots to your routine, hitting the dark spot 2x/week for intense overnight brightening.

Here's a recap of the two lightening treatments, bullet-style:

Lightning Wand

  • Reduces the look of dark spots and post-blemish marks
  • Rollerball serum with bag-friendly packaging for on the go
  • Contains glycolic acid, our Lightning Trifecta™ (niacinamide, tranexamic acid, and vitamin C), licorice root, and gardenia florida fruit extract
  • Use once or twice per day
  • Can be used all over and cover big areas and multiple dark spots at once
  • Includes a color-correcting tint to conceal discoloration

Micropoint for Dark Spots

  • Reduces the look of dark spots and post-blemish marks
  • Overnight patch with 173 ultrafine hyaluronic needles
  • Contains brightening ingredients such as niacinamide, tranexamic acid, beta-glucan, and vitamin C
  • Use one to two times per week
  • Highly concentrated spot brightening for small and stubborn marks

The takeaway

Like Batman and Robin, Lightning Wand and MPDS are meant to go together. Think of Lightning Wand as a moisturizer you can use daily and MPDS like a face mask you treat your skin to a couple of times per week for a deep treatment. Together, they are your one way ticket to Bright Skin City.


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