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Mighty Patch Nose

Gently absorbs gunk in 6-8 hours so your nose looks clearer overnight – without adhesives. (Pore strips could never.)

All the gunk-absorbing power of Mighty Patch, now in a flexibly thin XL size specially designed for your nose.

Absorbs gunk overnight
Flexible XL design
Improves look of pores

Just the good stuff

Stripping adhesives? Ripping out blackheads? We’ll pass. Mighty Patch Nose uses hydrocolloid gel that works for all skin types.

Patch. ZZZ’s. Done.

Cleanse it. Patch it. Sleep on it. Wake up to tighter-looking pores in the AM.

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Mighty Patch™ Nose patch

The nose acne patch

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What’s the Mighty Patch Nose patch made of?

Mighty Patch Nose is made of 100% pure medical-grade hydrocolloid, a naturally fluid-absorbing gel that traps oil and gunk like a sponge. Drug-free, non-drying, and safe for sensitive skin.

How does it work?

It naturally traps gunk from your nose overnight — then peels off easily in the AM.

How is it different from other pore strips?

Mighty Patch Nose:

No stripping or ripping
Makes pores look tighter from day 1
Helps zits look smaller in 6-8 hours
Gently traps & lifts away pore gunk
Uses comfy hydrocolloid gel
Safe & non-irritating for all skin

Other nose strips:

Uses skin-stripping adhesive
Tears out blackheads (and skin)
Too harsh to use on active zits
Can irritate & damage skin
Can cause enlarged pores
Stings when you rip it off
Not safe for sensitive skin

What are people saying?

93% said it absorbed oily gunk from their nose in 6-8 hours
90% said their nose looked less oily in just one use
90% said their pores looked clearer immediately after using the patch
93% said their nose looked even clearer 24 hours later
90% said their pores looked tighter after the first use
90% said their pores looked tighter 24 hours later
90% said their pores looked clearer 24 hours later
90% said their nose looked less oily 24 hours later
87% said it kept their pores looking clear for 24 hours

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