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The Journey of a Pimple, from Start to Finish

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Contrary to popular belief, pimples just don’t appear out of nowhere and they aren’t gone once the pus has disappeared. The lifecycle of a pimple can begin weeks - sometimes even months - before it’s visible. And since we’re all at home in quarantine mode right now, there’s no time like the present to satisfy our wanderlust (or at the very least, get homeschooled on the stages of acne) by exploring a different sort of journey - the journey of a pimple.

Early stage pimple, blind pimple

Stage 1: His bags are packed (early-stage or blind pimple)

And by bags, we mean pores - packed with dead skin cells, excess sebum and P. acnes bacteria. While all pores naturally contain P. acnes, a problem arises when it combines with too much sebum and/or dead skin cells and oxygen can no longer flow in and out of the pore. Regardless of whether your pimple’s trip was prompted by hormones, stress, diet or hygiene, he’s packing these pore-clogging factors and he’s ready to begin his journey from deep within your pore to the surface of your skin.


While an early-stage pimple isn’t typically visible, you can feel it and you know it’s coming. In this stage, acne has developed under the skin’s surface, but it has not yet come to a “head.” Whether you call it a blind zit, hidden pimple or under-the-skin pimple, this early-stage pimple is “unpoppable,” often painful to the touch and can appear red from inflammation of the surrounding skin. The majority of blind pimples will eventually emerge and heal on their own, but it can take weeks to months for that to happen.


How to cut his trip short: If you use Micropoint for Blemishes in the very early stage of a pimple, it’s possible to completely heal the pimple before an infection/whitehead even forms. The Micropoint for Blemishes acne patch has 173 Micropoints made of hyaluronic acid molded to work like microneedles. It dissolves powerful ingredients (such salicylic acid) straight to the source of an under-the-skin pimple to speed up the pimple’s journey. Because really, who wants to wait around forever for the arrival of a hidden pimple?

Whitehead pimple, pustule pimple

Stage 2: The pimple has arrived (whitehead or pustule)

As white blood cells attempt to fight the pimple, they die and accumulate, creating a pustule or whitehead. This pimple has arrived at your doorstep (AKA the surface of your skin) and looks like he’s ready to pop.


How to get rid of him ASAP: Resist the urge to pop! If you pop the pimple, you risk prolonging his stay by spreading the bacteria deeper in the pore and causing additional inflammation. Instead, stick on a pimple patch! Whether you choose Mighty Patch Original (for overnight elimination), Invisible+ (ultra-thin for daytime treatment, yes even out in public) or Surface (for those large-area breakouts), hydrocolloid sucks up all the pus and gunk in just hours. You can tackle your unwanted visitor without skipping a beat.


What is a whitehead pimple? Pimples, Explained: Identify and Treat Every Type of Acne

Healing pimple, recovering pimple

Stage 3: The aftermath (post-pimple healing)

Thankfully, the pimple is gone. And even though he took all of his pus with him, you can’t believe your eyes when you look at the mess he’s made of your skin. Redness. Inflammation. Dry, scaly patches. While healthy skin cells will eventually replace the mark left behind by a pimple, it can take weeks for that to happen. 


How to clean up his mess: When you want to kick your comeback into hyperspeed, Rescue Balm can help. With a replenishing ingredient trio of panthenol, beta-glucan and oligopeptides, it relieves post-pimple skin and speeds up the healing process. We recommend using it daily for 2-3 days to heal and balance lingering skin challenges and bring your skin back to healthy.


Of course, not every pimple takes the same exact journey through all the same stages of acne. Papules or cysts, two types of blemishes that never turn into whiteheads, may require a visit to the dermatologist, who can treat the breakouts with cortisone injections, prescription topical formulas or oral medications.

Restore your healthiest skin

At Hero Cosmetics, we’re focused on helping you not only stop pimples in their tracks, but also gain control over all the stages of acne healing, from start to finish. Our holistic solution to acne care helps you set skin up for daily success, tackle each of the pimple stages as they happen and heal your skin for the long term. Each and every product is uniquely designed to bring your skin back to healthy. 


Progress toward healthier skin is about taking one step after another. Trust the process and, before you know it, your healthy skin will feel as familiar as the sun rising.



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