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5 Superpowered Skincare Duos to Tackle Each Stage of a Pimple’s Life Cycle

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Like us humans, a pimple has a life cycle too. First, you see it lurking underneath the skin. Then, it gets red, inflamed, and full of pus. Once you've popped it (or hit it with a Mighty Patch 😉), then comes the post-acne marks and dark spots it leaves behind. It's a hard life for a pimple, but it doesn't have to be. The secret on how to get rid of acne is tackling each stage of the pimple life cycle. That's where Hero Cosmetics comes in with a stellar lineup of skincare products designed to give the pimple and skin what it needs when it needs it.

Have a pimple? A Mighty Patch is there to the rescue. Want to brighten post-pimple dark spots? There's a Lighting Wand with your name on it. Got body acne going on? Yup, we've got you covered there too. From beginning to end, Hero Cosmetics products are there throughout the entire pimple life cycle. And like some of our favorite dynamic duos (Batman and Robin, Oprah and Gayle, Jay Z and Beyonce), the products work best in pairs. Below, check out our superpowered skincare duos cheat sheet to help you determine the best duo for your pimple's journey.

1. For whiteheads: Mighty Patch Original + Invisible

If you've got a whitehead setting up camp on your skin, hit it with the Mighty Patch Original at night. It'll shrink it and suck out all the pus while you sleep thanks to premium medical-grade hydrocolloid. If you spot the whitehead in the morning, then cover it up with an Invisible+, which as its name suggests, is ultra-thin and undetectable on the skin, making it perfect for daytime use. Whiteheads don't stand a chance.

Tip: The Mighty Patch Original is on major sale on November 16. Snag a 72-count for just $12.99. Basically, you get double the Mighty Patches for the price of one. Score!

2. For blind pimples and dark spots: Micropoint for Blemishes + Micropoint for Dark Spots

If you're dealing with non-whitehead type bumps such as blind pimples and dark spots on your pimple journey, Micropoint for Blemishes and Micropoint for Dark Spots are a match made in heaven.

Micropoint for Blemishes comes in during the pimple's early life stages; you know when it's hiding underneath the skin waiting to make its grand entrance. The 173 hyaluronic acid Micropoints deliver a superpowered dose of acne-fighting ingredients that shorten the pimple's life cycle. So, it basically stops the pimple before it even begins.

Micropoint for Dark Spots uses the same hyaluronic microneedle technology, but instead, it floods the skin with a mix of skin brightening ingredients to improve the look of dark spots.

Tip: You (and your wallet) will be doing a little happy dance on November 18 when Micropoint for Blemishes or Dark Spots are on a buy one get one free deal. It’s the perfect opportunity to test out the game-changing technology.

3. For bacne and body acne: Mighty Patch Surface + Lightning Wand

Body acne happens, and when it does, you're going to need a Mighty Patch (pun intended) to get the job done. Enter: Mighty Patch Surface. This bigger and badder acne patch works just like the OG version at extracting pimple impurities and zapping them away in no time, but it covers more surface breakout areas (think jawline, back, and chest) and is tapered to fit different contours making it great for tackling body acne. Lightning Wand is a great companion to Mighty Patch Surface for dealing with body acne. It contains glycolic acid that exfoliates the skin, making it strong enough for body pimples too. Plus, it also features a sheer color-correcting tint to disguise the pimple while it works its magic.

4. For skin-repairing: Rescue Balm + any other Hero product

After a breakout, your skin can definitely use a little love to help heal from all the pimple drama. Rescue Balm is perfect for that. The post-blemish balm replenishes the skin with antioxidants and peptides so it can go back to looking fresh fast. It works on dry spots too. The coolest thing about Rescue Balm (besides how effective it is) is that it pairs well with literally any other Hero product. Use it right after using any patch or micropoint or in conjunction with Lightning Wand. You can't go wrong.

Tip: if you’re dealing with maskne, snag Hero’s Maskne kit on November 19 and you’ll receive a free full-size Micropoint for Dark Spots. Now that’s what we can a sweet deal.

For skin brightening: Micropoint for Dark Spots + Lighting Wand

Dark spots are the last stage of a pimple life cycle, and they will stick around for a while if you let them. Not on our watch, though. Micropoint for Dark Spots (Hero Cosmetics' dark spot treatment) and Lightning Wand (our brightening serum) work together to improve uneven tone and texture, brighten the skin, and restore its glowiness. ✨

They both have the same end goal, but they tackle the issue in different ways, so each product plays a key role in your skin brightening toolkit. MPDS is an overnight patch designed to use after the pimple journey, and thanks to its ultrafine hyaluronic needles it is a super-concentrated dark spot treatment. Lightning Wand, on the other hand, is also used post-blemish but is gentle and safe to use twice per day on the days you're not using MPDS. Now that's what we call a dynamic duo (sorry, Bey and Jay).

Tip: If you’re ready to step up your brightening game, don’t miss the brightening duo deal happening on November 17. Receive a free Micropoint for Dark Spots with a purchase of Lighting Wand.

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