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Why Skin Care Down South Is Now a Thing

This article was created for Hero Cosmetics by one of our favorite feminine wellness brands-- Lady Suite. They’re leading change in the femcare industry with safe, effective solutions designed for a woman’s most sensitive, intimate skin to combat common struggles like ingrown hairs, razor burn, pH problems and more. They’re redefining self-care and undoing tired taboos through smarter lady parts education and plant-based products that really work, and feel (really) good.

Skin care, check.
Body care, check.
Vulva care, say what???
Here’s why your vulva could also use some serious skin love.

Just like faces, skin down south gets moody too, especially if you’re a ladyscaper – you shave, wax, sugar, or laser your bikini area. Why? Less hair equals less protection against skin stressors and unwanted bacteria that can cause shifts in southern comfort.

Vulva 101

Before we give you the lowdown on intimate skin care tips, here is a quick Vulva 101:

  • The word “vagina” is usually misused. The vulva is not a Volvo or the vagina.
  • The vulva is the protective skin and female external genitals outside of the vagina.
  • Vulva skin helps protect our vaginas from unwanted bacteria.
  • Vulva skin is the most sensitive, thinnest skin on a woman's body with a more acidic pH.
  • Most gynos plus typical sex education don’t inform women on the importance of vulva health.
  • Vulva skin experiences trauma from grooming, sex, babies, daily wiping from bathroom trips, chafing, the wrong personal care products, irritating underwear, autoimmune disease, and cancer.
  • Many women spend a lifetime quietly managing their vulva sensitivities ☹️

When we have skin struggles on our faces, it’s natural for us to reach for our face oils, lotions, and potions for help. But, for skin struggles down south, it’s natural to neglect them. The lack of vulva skin education coupled with tired vulva/vagina taboos have led to neglect, fear, or insecurity for many women. Not to mention the lack of safe, approachable solutions for intimate skin. But luckily, this is changing. As more women demand “clean”, healthy self-care for everywhere, vulvas are finally getting the R-E-S-P-E-C-T they deserve (Aretha would be happy.)

Common skin struggles down south:

1. pH problems

pH stands for potential hydrogen, which basically measures how acidic or alkaline a substance is. When it comes to using skin and body care, pH matters.

The vulva has a more acidic pH than the skin on faces to allow good bacteria, like Lactobacillus to thrive. Disturbing vulva pH with water-based products that are neutral or too alkaline (especially before a woman’s menopausal years) we can throw off pH balance causing bad bacteria to infiltrate. This can feel like dryness, tightness, or itching. It can also throw normal smells off.

How to fix

Tip: Choose an intimate cleanser like Lady Suite Probiotic Refreshing Cleanser with a pH of 4.0 – 4.5 to maintain healthy good bacteria balance. Also look for intimate products that are made without vulva villains, like parabens, artificial fragrance, and glycerin which is a sugar source that feeds bad bacteria.

Do not use cleansers inside the vagina! Most vaginas are self-cleaning and don’t need extra help. Vulva cleansers are made for the non-self-cleansing parts and can eradicate bad bacteria before they can enter the vaginal opening.

2. Ingrown hairs and razor burn

Ingrown hairs and razor bumps happen when hair grows back into the skin instead of up to the surface. The most common cause is from grooming. When the hair grows underneath the skin and can’t get out, the immune system treats it like a foreign invader causing itchiness, redness, and pain, ouch! They usually go away on their own, but some take on a life of their own and become more chronic and bigger in size. They can also cause dark spots from inflammation which can take some time to fade away.

How to fix

Tip: Gently exfoliate and hydrate! Choose a SUPER gentle exfoliator to keep dead skin cells from settling into hair follicles.

Try Glow Refiner by Lady Suite. This brand new glow-giver rivals conventional solutions for stubborn ingrowns and rough texture. Made for our most sensitive areas, it features naturally powerful exfoliating ingredients like willow bark, witch hazel and lactic acid, plus skin brightening niacinamide for a faster-fix without typical irritation from retinols, harsher acids or physical scrubs.

3. Dryness and thinning skin

We might not be as aware of thinning or dryness on intimate skin, especially if you have hair down there. The vulva is a high traffic area that goes through A LOT on a daily basis. With hormone changes and normal aging, it’s delicate skin loses its ability to retain optimal moisture as early as 30. Dryness also makes ingrowns and razor bumps even worse and makes grooming practices like waxing way more sensitizing. Since vulva skin has the important job of protecting our vaginas, boosting its moisture levels on the daily will also boost its protective properties.

How to fix

Tip: Moisturize intimate skin every day with oils like the Rejuvenating Botanical Oil by Lady Suite high in omega fatty acids to help keep skin soothed and supple. When skin is properly hydrated, it increases its protective properties against unwanted bacteria and feelings of itchiness and discomfort. P.S. Supple skin also makes it easier for hairs to find their way to the surface.

We definitely think less is more for vulva health, but a simple daily intimate skin care ritual can help prevent common skin struggles before they start. A major bonus is that when you’re more attuned to your lady parts, you’ll feel more comfortable and in charge of your whole-body health! If you are ready to up your self-care game head to! For a limited time shop the Glow Refiner for 20% OFF with code HERO20, valid until December 15th.

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