Acne Basics

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Learn the elementaries and essentials of acne-care.
Image of finger pointing to whitehead pimple on chin

Acne Basics

An Acnepedia: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Pimples

When treating breakouts or pimples, it’s important to remember that not all acne are created equal. Cysts, papules, pustu...
Image of person eating chocolate bar

Acne Basics

Fact or Myth: Does Chocolate Really Cause Acne?

When you wake up with a pimple, don’t immediately go blaming your KitKat because chocolate isn’t always the culprit.
Stock image of pregnant woman

Acne Basics

What to Expect While You’re Expecting: Acne Version

Due to the rise of androgens or, the acne inducing hormones, pregnant women should opt for more natural products for their...
Portrait of Emma Stone

Acne Basics

Behind The Scenes: How Do Celebrities Keep Acne At Bay?

Emma Stone, Kerry Washington and Gwyneth Paltrow have all dealt with acne, how do they control their skin now?

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