Q+A With Shen Beauty’s Jessica Richards

Founder of Shen Beauty, Jessica Richards advises Free People on the chicest (and top-performing) emerging products. Shen is known for a clean and modern approach to beauty. We asked her about gentler and more natural ways to treat acne. She had a lot of knowledge on the subject.  Read the full email exchange below:

Hero: What are the benefits of treating acne naturally?

Jessica: There are so many benefits of treating acne naturally, rather than with chemicals. The main one is that side effects or adverse reactions to chemicals can actually make your skin worse. Natural treatments are also less likely to strip the skin, causing less oil production. Skin that retains moisture absorbs ingredients better and heals faster than dried out skin.

Hero: What ingredients should people with acne-prone skin look for in their products?


Jessica’s ingredients list:  


  • Tea-tree oil, which is naturally antibacterial and antifungal. Since acne mostly arises from bacteria on the skin this is an ideal ingredient to look for in products or to use directly on the spot.
  • Stress is also another factor that allows acne to rear its ugly head, so anything with Lavender will  help aid in stress. It’s a great ingredient because it sends calming signals to the brain and also calms stressed out skin.
  • Juniper Berry also is high in anti-fungal properties allowing it to aid in the fight against bacteria.
  • Clary Sage has also shown that it reduces inflammation, and irritation thus resulting in less acne.

Hero: What would you like to see more of in acne care in the coming years?

Jessica: I think acne care has long been a battle in the skincare industry and no one has truly created a product that is 100% clean that assists in this. Thus, parents and children are using Proactiv still which is a terrible formula full of chemicals.

Hero: Do you think wellness impacts acne? Have any lifestyle tips for people struggling with breakouts?  

Jessica: I think wellness impacts acne 100%.  But then there are some who suffer from acne and cannot get rid of it.  I think seeing a nutritionist that can help run some tests on allergies is a great place to start.  Do you suffer from a dairy allergy without realizing it? Are you allergic to gluten? These are questions that everyone should know prior to trying to treat acne topically.

How does Mighty Patch fit into Shen’s curated philosophy?

Mighty Patch is a great addition to Shen for many reasons.  First off, it is a simple product that goes directly onto the spot. They are easy to travel with and show great results. It’s kind of a no-brainer.

To shop Shen's extensive range of clean beauty picks click here. You can find Mighty Patch Original and Invisible+ at the top of the Acne Prone section. Also, definitely check out their treatment options. Shen offers a range of Facials to help with congested broken-out skin.

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