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Full Face Duo

The full face recovery kit
Save 12% (a $32.98 value)

Take on big breakouts while soothing and calming post-blemish skin.
Absorbs pimple gunk
Reduces the look of acne
Nourishes & restores
Full Face Duo
The full face recovery kit

Patch and rescue all together now. Mighty Patch Face takes on the look of big breakouts and Rescue Balm swoops in post-patch to soothe and calm.

Absorbs pimple gunk
Reduces the look of acne
Nourishes & restores
How to Use
Mighty Patch Face 1. Prep your skin. Cleanse and fully dry face. (Exfoliate for best results!)
2. Apply the patches. Start with nose patch – peel backing from center first to get patch in place, then smooth down sides.
3. Watch it work. Leave on 6-8 hours until patches turn white with gunk, then peel off slowly and carefully in direction of hair growth.

Rescue Balm 1. Apply Rescue balm. Apply on your finger, then blend gently into just patched skin.
2. Repeat: Reapply as needed morning, noon and night.
Key Ingredients
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Clean + Conscious
Medical grade
Clinically tested
Allergy tested
Gamma-ray sterilized
Not tested on animals
Stop it. Soothe it.
Mighty Patch Face lets you tackle the appearance of full-face breakouts all together or in parts – it’s your world we’re just living in it. The one rule: Grab Rescue Balm post-patch to soothe and calm, stat.
For the big and the small
Mighty Patch Face can handle the big breakouts on the chin, cheeks, forehead, and nose – but if big breakouts aren’t your normal skin emergency, use them to absorb excess oil and reduce the look of pores while you catch those zzz’s.
Super calming. Super fast.
Made with a moisture-infusing trifecta of Panthenol (to soothe dry, flaky skin,) Beta-glucan (to replenish and visibly renew,) and Oligopeptides (to fortify dry, depleted skin) – Rescue Balm is designed to push your comeback into hyperspeed.
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