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All the things you didn’t know but should know about your skin and skincare routine.
Humidifier in a home


They’re Not Just Good for Kids - How Humidifiers Improve Dry Skin

Cold and dry air zaps the moisture in your skin, but a humidifier can help. Learn about the health and skin benefits of us...
pH scale from 1-14. Less than 7 means acidic, above 7 is alkaline, 7 is neutral, skin's optimal ph is 5.5

Acne Basics

The pH Balancing Act: How it Can Help with Acne

Learn what pH levels are and how to balance your skin's pH levels properly, which can help reduce acne, wrinkles and dry s...
droplets of salicylic acid

Acne Basics

Salicylic Acid Still Deserves a Place in Your Skincare Lineup

Is salicylic acid the answer to your acne woes? Find out how this potent skincare ingredient works, what sort of acne it c...
Branden examining pimple on his face


The New Kid on the Skincare Scene: Tranexamic Acid

This powerful ingredient can brighten skin complexion, improve discoloration and diminish acne scars. Find out how to use ...

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African American woman with blue background


Will LED Light Therapy Give Me Glowing Skin?

LED Light Therapy uses color wavelengths of light, each of which has specific benefits, such as eliminating bacteria and a...

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