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5 Weird Places for Body Acne and How to Treat It

Pimples can appear in all the nooks and crannies on the body, find out why below!
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It's summertime, and the living is easy, sort of. Summer is known to be a grand old time filled with icy cold drinks, bikinis, and fun in the sun. But, body pimples are one summer feature that is not heavily advertised. Yup, pimples can pop up in the weirdest places during the summer thanks to the warmer weather and humidity that makes our skin sweat and pump out extra oil like there's no tomorrow. Sweaty, oil body parts then become an ideal environment for acne-causing bacteria to grow. To this, we say, no more.

Keep reading to learn about five unexpected places you may break out with sweat pimples during summer and how to get rid of them. Summertime ain't got nothing on you, friends.

1. Butt

Yes, butt acne or (buttne as it's lovingly called) is a thing, and it's even more common during the hot weather months. This can really put a damper on your pool time sessions and beach excursions, for sure. One thing to note is that butt acne is not real acne but (no pun intended) rather an inflammation of the hair follicle.

Solution: To prevent unwanted buttne, wash your bum with a body wash that contains benzoyl peroxide, which will help reduce bacteria on the skin. And most importantly, don't hang out in your sweaty gym clothes or wet bathing suit all day. Keep your booty dry at all times because moist environments promote bacteria growth.

2. Boobs

Dirt and oil can also get trapped along the cleavage area and lead to sweat pimples. Breakouts can also develop along the bustline if you're not wearing breathable bras.

Solution: Be sure to shower and change out of your sweaty workout clothes, stat. Same goes for any other time you're perspiring heavily, such as while you're chilling by the pool or hanging out at the beach. If you can't get to a shower quickly, a toner spray can help to clarify congested skin on-the-go.

3. Scalp and hairline

Your scalp and hairline are technically skin too, so they can also fall victim to summer-induced breakouts. The oil and dirt can build up in these areas and trigger pimples.

Solution: Keep your hair away from your pretty face and embrace the season of the ponytail. Also, wash your hair more frequently. Yes, we know washing your hair is a big to-do, but keeping it clean and fresh during the summer will keep the scalp oiliness as bay. A salicylic acid shampoo can also help keep things under control.

4. Ears

Got a pimple on your earlobe? That can happen too. Hair products and sweat are a recipe for ear pimples.

Solution: Again, for the sake of your scalp and ears, embrace the up hairdo style during the summer. Also, keep it light with the hair products—the fewer products you use in your hair, the better. And if an earlobe zit does pop up, hit it with a Mighty Patch to get rid of the pimple real quick. The acne patch features premium medical-grade hydrocolloid that works like a charm at sucking out all the pus out of the pimple overnight.

Mighty Patch Surface for Back acne

5. Back

There's buttne, and there's also bacne. Our back is another body part that tends to get very sweaty during the summer. Heck, sometimes, especially during gnarly heatwaves, you can literally just be sitting down doing nothing and suddenly break out into a sweaty mess. Been there.

Solution: Prevention is key. As with other body pimples, keep the area dry as much as possible by showering and changing into dry clothes after you've been sweating. Exfoliating once or twice a week with a scrub that contains a gently physical exfoliant like dissolving sugar will also help keep pores nice and clear. And wearing a non-comedogenic, lightweight sunscreen instead of a heavy one can help prevent back breakouts. If all else fails and you get back pimples despite your prevention efforts, that's what Mighty Patch Surface is for. Like the Mighty Patch original, it features hydrocolloid that helps zap away pimples in larger areas such as your back. Sayonara, bacne.


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