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Got a pimple emergency?

MIGHTY PATCH™ is a hydrocolloid sticker that absorbs pus and gunk from your pimples and protects from picking.

How Mighty Patch works
1. Identify the right blemish
Mighty Patch works best on whiteheads.
2. Apply patch
Peel from clear sheet and apply patch to problem area.
3. Wait six hours
It takes around six hours for Mighty Patch to work its magic.
4. Peel and see results
Instantly see results as soon as you take Mighty Patch off.
How does it really work?

MIGHTY PATCH™ uses the highest grade of hydrocolloid, a gel that absorbs fluids. When applied to a pimple with fluid in it, it draws out the pus and other impurities. It also protects from pesky fingers so you won't touch or pick at your zit.


"The cult-favorite Mighty Patch from Hero Cosmetics has me completely sold."

Beauty Insider

“Blew other patches out of the water in terms of ease of use and quality.”


“Mighty Patch is hailed a blemish hero with good reason.”

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