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Pimple Patch Overview & Review by Anna of Maskaddict

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Recently, Anna of @maskaddict did a very thorough overview of different pimple patches on her blog. You can read her post for her detailed thoughts.

She defined what acne patches/pimple patches are, how they work, and how to use them. She also compared different versions in the market including Mighty Patch. She thought that Mighty Patch was great for people who prefer their acne patches to come in one size. This is popular feedback from many of our customers who find that the small stickers are not as effective and prefer to have and use the larger 12mm sizes that Mighty Patch contains. We'd all love for our pimples to be small, but that's usually not the reality. 

Anna also thought that Mighty Patch had one of the most matte finishes so that it doesn't shine or reflect light when you wear it out in public. Mighty Patch is a great choice for those who may want to wear it outside during the day although usually the preferred use is to wear it overnight while you sleep. 

We love all the comparisons and love that our customers are so happy with Mighty Patch. Share your thought with us and we'll keep doing our best to offer you guys the best acne patches out there!

Pimple Patch Overview

Acne stickers, pimple patches, acne dots, whatever you call them, they're a staple in my skincare collection. Acne can be a pain in the butt, but these handy patches help draw out the gunk and also keep my hands from picking at my skin.

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