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Hero x Urechi Oguguo Black History Month Bag

The limited-edition skincare bag
10" x 3.375"
A hand-designed skincare bag from Nigerian artist Urechi Oguguo, commemorating Black History Month.

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Celebrate Black History Month with the limited-edition skincare bag designed by Nigerian artist Urechi Oguguo.

Size: 10" L x 3.375" W x 3" Gusset

About Urechi’s design

“As an Igbo Nigerian, my concept for our Black History Month collaboration, ‘Roots of Resilience,’ is a deeply personal celebration of the beauty and strength of individual and cultural identity. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant and traditional Eastern Nigerian Ankara fabric, my design serves as a vibrant tapestry that weaves together the attributes I hold dear, passed down through generations and across cultures. The rich and vibrant floral patterns and colors of the fabric form the canvas upon which I celebrate my roots. From the cherished family bonds and nurturing abilities inherited from my ancestors to the echoes of laughter, wit, and wisdom shaped by my heritage, "Roots of Resilience" illustrates the significance of self-love, acceptance, and the celebration of my identity.”

About Urechi Oguguo

Urechi is a New York City-based, Lagos-born illustrator, space maker, storyteller, and designer. Their creative practice focuses on celebrating and amplifying narratives of rest, care, and tenderness that are often overlooked in discussions of Blackness. Their works invite viewers to reflect on the beauty of the natural world and contemplate their own place within it. Visit here to see more of their work.
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