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Three Must-try Skincare Products for All That Extra Time at Home

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There’s never been a better time to experiment with skincare products, amiright? You’re hunkering down at home, taking a little extra time for self care and really need something new to discuss at your next Zoom gathering.

Luckily, there’s no shortage of washes, creams, oils, and other beauty goodies available online. The difficult part is deciding what to try, so we’re going to help you out with a list of our current faves. We are loving these three products right now, and think you will too!


Hero Cosmetics Free Gift with Purchase featuring Busy Beauty body wipes

Busy Beauty Gigantic Body Wipes

If you’ve recently googled “how often do I need to shower,” you’re not alone. Let’s be honest, virtually no one is showering as often as they usually do. But do yourself (and anyone you live with) a favor and at least freshen up. Busy Beauty wipes are ENORMOUS, as in 3x bigger and 2x thicker than the average wipe! That’s big enough to give your whole body a thorough cleansing without ripping or drying out. Plus, they are safe for sensitive skin, made with antibacterial tea tree oil and peppermint oil, and 100% biodegradable.


Hero Cosmetics Free Gift with Purchase featuring Fur

Fur Oil

With summer 😎 right around the corner, it’s almost time for short shorts and bathing suits. And since no one likes painful bumps and ingrowns, this luxurious blend of lightweight oils is a must-have for summer prep of your nether region. Formulated with grape seed oil, jojoba oil, clary sage oil and tea tree oil, Fur Oil reduces inflammation and softens the hair and skin just about anywhere on your body, including your pubic area, underarms, chest, legs and face.

Hero Cosmetics Free Gift with Purchase featuring Mediheal Charcoal Cleanser

Mediheal Charcoal Intensive Pore Clean Cleansing Foam

Made with purifying charcoal, zinc, and mushroom extract, this cream-to-foam cleanser is like a magnet for all of the dirt and excess oil that’s clogging your pores. It leaves your skin feeling fresher and smoother from the very first wash (just make sure you’re washing your face right). We love it as an everyday cleanser for oily and acne-prone skin types and a once-a-week skin detox for other skin types.

If you’d love a free sample (and who wouldn’t?), you’re in luck! Try Busy Beauty Body Wipes or Fur Oil with any Hero Cosmetics purchase! And if you spend $50 or more, you can banish those blackheads once and for all with a deluxe sample of MEDIHEAL’s award-winning charcoal cleanser.


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