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Mighty Patch™ Nose patch

The nose acne patch
10 Patches per Box

Minimum effort, major results. Introducing the nose strip of the 21st century.
Absorbs gunk overnight
XL nose coverage
Improves the look of pores
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Mighty Patch™ Nose patch
The nose acne patch
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A safe, gentle hydrocolloid nose patch that soaks up gunk and improves the look of pores overnight.

Absorbs gunk overnight
XL nose coverage
Improves the look of pores
Consumer Testing Results
said their nose looked clearer 24 hours later.
said it absorbed oily gunk from their nose.
said their pores looked tighter 24 hours later.
How to Use
Prep your skin.
Start with clean, dry skin. For extra-satisfying results, exfoliate before you patch – it helps loosen up the gunk.
Apply the patch.
Peel off the backing to expose the sticky side, get patch in place, then smooth the patch down starting from the center out towards the sides.
Watch it work.
Leave on 6-8 hours (until it turns white with gunk). Now the fun part – peel it off. Follow with Rescue Balm for an extra soothing boost.
Key Ingredients
A medical-grade gel that gently absorbs and traps gunk.
Box Contents
10 patches (91mm x 48mm)

Rest easy: it works overnight.

Absorb oil and pore gunk while you sleep. Wake up in the AM and peel it all away. Mighty Patch Nose gently absorbs gunk in 6-8 hours so your nose looks clearer overnight — without irritating skin.

Peels off painlessly

Super-flexible, and comes off gently with no sticky residue. (Regular pore strips could never.)

Perfectly on the nose

All the gunk-absorbing power of Mighty Patch, now in a flexibly thin XL size that’s specially designed for your nose. (Even the creases.)


What is hydrocolloid?

Hydrocolloid was originally designed for use as a medical bandage or dressing for wounds. It has a gel layer that’s formulated with pectin or gelatin and other ingredients that attract water and absorb fluids (such as pus). Mighty Patch is not made with gelatin and therefore is vegan-friendly. As the hydrocolloid draws in fluids or pus, the patch changes from transparent to opaque white, which is all the gunk that was pulled from the pimple. Read more about hydrocolloid and how it works here.

How does Mighty Patch Nose work?

Mighty Patch Nose absorbs pore & pimple gunk, hands-free (and pain-free). No picking, squeezing, or popping needed. The overnight nose patch with 6-hour gunk-absorbing power. Handles pores, pimples, and excess oil in one patch.

What should I use to prep my skin before applying Mighty Patch Nose?

We recommend using the Clear Collective Cleanser and Balancing Capsule Toner to prepare your skin.

Is the Mighty Patch safe to use alongside acne prescription medication?

We recommend you consult your doctor before using any prescription drugs with Mighty Patch.

What's the maximum length of time I should wear a patch?

If you've worn the patch for over 6 hours and it hasn't absorbed anything, it can mean a few things:

- The pimple does not have fluid in it so it's not "ripe" yet or not the right type of pimple
- The pimple does have fluid in it but the fluid is deep in the pore. The patch can help coax the fluid to the surface and then coax it out but this will take 1-3 days depending on how deep the fluid is.
- The patch needs easier access to the fluid. Some customers have seen that popping or pricking the pimple can help draw out the fluid faster onto the patch.

We advise you wear the patch for 6-8 hours or until the patch has absorbed the gunk out, whichever is first. If after 6-8 hours, the patch has not absorbed anything, please see above. Let us know if you have other questions!

Here's a blog article that explains the reasons why the patch may not have worked and how to fix it.

What do I do after I take off my patch?

First, wash your skin using a low pH-cleanser, followed by an exfoliator. After skin is dry, use a moisturizer to nourish your skin. Read more about post-patch care here.

What products should I apply after using Mighty Patch Nose?

We suggest the Clear Collective Prebiotic Moisturizer, any of our Rescue Balms or your favorite hydrating product. Finish with Force Shield Sunscreen during the daytime.

How often can I use Mighty Patch Nose?

1-2 times a week

How is Mighty Patch different from other acne solutions?

No harsh chemicals or formulas that dry out skin
Won’t irritate sensitive skin
Acts as a protective barrier against germs and bacteria
Prevents touching and picking, which can worsen blemishes or cause scarring
Visibly shows that it’s working by changing from transparent to white
Easy to use, small, light and portable
100% safe and FDA-approved
Safe for pregnant women and nursing moms

Is Mighty Patch cruelty-free?

Yes! Mighty Patch is cruelty-free and vegan-friendly as well as latex free. We do not test on animals in any country, nor do we work with suppliers or manufacturers that test on animals. The products we create represent our values, including the belief that animals should not be hurt at the expense of good skin.

Is Mighty Patch safe for pregnant women and nursing moms?

Yes! Mighty Patch is not formulated with harsh chemicals, so it's the perfect acne spot treatment for pregnant women. We interviewed dermatologist Dr. Jenny Liu during her pregnancy, and she recommended Mighty Patch as a safe treatment for pregnant women. Read the interview on our blog here.

That being said, we suggest confirming with your doctor since every pregnancy is different.

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