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Big Bounce Back

Rescue Balm pushes your post-breakout comeback into hyperspeed. Now in a jumbo size.

50 ml
Just patched (or popped) a pimple? Reach for Rescue Balm — the only post-blemish solution designed to push your comeback into hyperspeed.
50 ml
This multitasking secret weapon brings all the benefits of Rescue Balm original, while blurring redness with its color-correcting green tint.

Rescue + Repeat

Rescue Balm delivers intense moisture that soothes and smooths post-blemish skin.


Big new(s)

You wanted more. So we made you more. Rescue Balm and Rescue Balm +Red Correct now come in a new jumbo size (50mL, if you’re counting).

AM vs. PM

Use Rescue Balm +Red Correct during the daytime to soothe + conceal at the same time. Use Rescue Balm at night as the last step in your routine to pump up the healing benefits while you sleep.

One Fine Formula

This one-of-a-kind formula handles red spots, bumps, scaly patches and dark marks with star ingredients like Beta Glucan, Vitamin E, and Oligopeptides to fortify, replenish, and renew skin, stat.


What’s the difference between the two Rescue Balms?

They’re both packed with powerful antioxidants & peptides to restore skin. Rescue Balm +Red Correct has a redness-blurring tint for day, while the original Rescue Balm is untinted for night.

Can I use Rescue Balm +Red Correct at night?

Save it for daytime – it’s best not to leave pigmented products on skin while you sleep. (But the original Rescue Balm is perfect!)

How does Rescue Balm +Red Correct look on deeper skin tones?

Some people with deeper skin tones might find that the green tint leaves some white cast on skin. If so, we recommend the original Rescue Balm: all the replenishing power, tint-free.

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Rescue Balm

The post-blemish recovery cream

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Rescue Balm +Red Correct

The green recovery cream

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Rescue +Redness Duo

The day & night rescue set

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