Jan. 03, 2018
Beauty Independent: Hero Cosmetics’ Mighty Patch Is Fighting Pimples And Winning Over Retail Partners

The latest accessory that’s all the rage has nothing to do with jewelry, handbags or shoes. It’s acne stickers from Hero CosmeticsThe rising brand’s Mighty Patch zit remedy entered Anthropologie in January, and is set to premiere at American Eagle and Riley Rose by July.

Jan. 03, 2018
Rock, Paper, Glam's Favorite Blemish Fighter

It’s as easy as Rock, Paper, Scissors and Ellese proved just that in her article. We just passed Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. For Ellese, the holiday stress, the change in weather, and the time crunch to get things done before 2018 caused a breakout on her skin. Sound familiar? 

Ellese started using Mighty Patch on Thanksgiving and has been a loyal customer since. She states that her skin has been looking healthier and succinctly explains how Mighty Patch works, how to use them, and where to buy some. It’s just that easy. Mighty Patch fought Ellese’s blemishes. It can do the same for you; order a pack on Amazon today!

My favorite Blemish Fighter: Mighty Patch

I don't know about you but the holiday stress did a number on my skin. Between all the good food, the change in weather, the pressure to get things done before the new year left my skin looking pretty rough. The one saver that helped with breakouts were these incredible Might Patches by Hero Cosmetics.

Jan. 03, 2018
Into the Gloss Tried It, So Should You!

Better late than never! Emily Ferber, Senior Editor of Into the Gloss, recently discovered the magic of pimple patches. These tiny, translucent stickers that extracts the gunk from the face has saved many from the tempting urgency to touch the pimple or the panic of needing blemish-free skin right before a grand event. And yes, it’s that easy--no technology, medication, or confusion involved. It’s a no brainer why Mighty Patch is one of Emily’s favorites. The general term would be to say that the patch “sticks” on to the face but I would prefer to use the term “fasten.” The patch fastens itself on to the face and diligently stays there without the worry of it sticking to a pillow during a nap or falling off. Even with its mighty strength (sorry, the pun had to be there) the chances of it ripping the delicate layer of skin is extremely unlikely. Mighty Patch has its name for a reason: its deed adheres to its name. 

Emily found this method “universally successful” and assures that these are “a sure bet” compared to all the other blemish treatment methods. Have your skin be blemish-free AND scab-free as well. Curious to see if Emily is right? See what Mighty Patch can do for you and your lifestyle by ordering them on Amazon today!

These Pimple Patches Will Change Your Acne Routine For Good

It's almost too good to be true. Adhere a tiny sticker-a translucent one that bystanders won't even notice-onto a pimple for anywhere up to eight hours. Remove when you are ready and see whatever grime was deep in your pores under the sticker, now safely trapped within the confines of that sticker.



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