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The history of hydrocolloid

The use of hydrocolloid in acne care is relatively new,1,4 but this medical-grade adhesive has been trusted for over 50 years in caring for minor burns, skin ulcers, bed sores and other wounds.1,2,3

Hydrocolloid works by absorbing pus and fluid from open wounds, mixing with the material to form a soft gel.1,2 This gel helps shield the skin and helps create a healing environment.1,2

Now, award-winning Mighty Patch™ hydrocolloid patches give your patients these same benefits.3

Helps prevent picking and supports a healing environment

Your patients may think picking or popping their pimples is a fast way to fix them, but doing so can further aggravate skin that’s already irritated.

Enter Mighty Patch™ hydrocolloid patches. Each patch gently absorbs pimple pus and shrinks the look of pimples overnight so your patients can wake up to clearer-looking skin.

Why recommend Hero Mighty Patch™ hydrocolloid patches?

  • Made with medical-grade hydrocolloid
  • Dermatologist-tested
  • Clinically tested for irritation
  • Supports a healing environment
  • Helps shield skin from picking and popping

Mighty Patch™ hydrocolloid patches come in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet your patients’ needs. See all hydrocolloid patches now.

Results your patients can see overnight

Award-winning Mighty Patch™ hydrocolloid patches work quickly and effectively:

  • Gently absorbs pimple pus in 6-8 hours
  • Shrinks the look of pimples overnight
  • Visibly shows it’s working by turning white as it absorbs pus
  • Strong enough to wear overnight
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
Consumer Testing Results
of participants agreed that Mighty Patch™ Original gently absorbs pus and gunk from the pimple
of participants agreed that Mighty Patch™ Original did not peel or fall off overnight
of participants said the patch protects the skin from picking and popping

And the winner is…Mighty Patch™

Recognized by leading beauty awards like Allure and Refinery29, Mighty Patch™ Original acne patch is proven to effectively deliver clearer-looking skin in just 6-8 hours.

Hero Cosmetics offers gentle, effective solutions for every stage of acne prone skin

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