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This Is How You Can Be a Hero in the Upcoming Election

We need to be a hero now more than ever.
In this article:
01 Be a hero to others02 Choosing your hero03 Be a prepared hero

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At Hero Cosmetics, we believe everyone needs to be a ‘hero’ now more than ever. In the upcoming election, we aren’t fighting pimples, we are fighting for social justice, climate change, human rights, and much more. After you register to vote, what’s next? Scroll down to find other ways to be a hero to your community! 💪

Volunteering to become a poll worker

1. Be a hero to others 🤝

What’s more ‘hero’ than showing up for others? Become a poll worker and help make voters’ votes count. A poll worker’s tasks can include checking voter IDs, distributing ballots, helping elderly and disabled citizens vote, updating voter registration information, and maintaining a safe and orderly polling place. Also, in order to preserve the fairness of elections, 48 states mandate a specific political party makeup of poll workers. (NCSL) 

📝 Sign up to be a volunteer here

Selecting a right candidate

2. Choosing your hero 🦸‍♂️

We’re not here to tell you which candidate to vote for. Only you can make that decision. But, here are some resources for you to make a fair, justified decision.

  • Learn what your beliefs are

Not sure on what party your beliefs align with? Or what candidates align with your beliefs? iSideWith provides a thorough quiz to help you choose a party and how your beliefs align with candidates. (iSideWith)

  • Stay up-to-date

US News provides everything you need to know about the 2020 presidential election. Candidates, issues, and the latest news from the campaign trail. You can learn about all the issues the country is facing and where the candidates stand on these issues. (USNews)

  • Don't neglect the Senate race

In a federal election, you’re also voting for a state senator, state assembly leader and depending on your state, a supreme court justice. ICYMI, the Senate also dictates what policies the president can pass and who he can put on federal courts – so make sure to follow the Senate race too.

Planning your vote

3. Be a prepared hero 💼

What are your next steps after registering to vote? Click any one of these links to help get all your ducks ready for Election Day.

  • I am a voter. Check your registration status and get election reminders.
  • Vote411. Create a personalized sample ballot so you know what'll be on your ballot.
  • BallotReady. Know exactly who you’re voting for, what each candidate stands for, and find polling locations.
  • Vote.org. General information on voting, registrations, mail-in ballots, and election deadlines.

Be a Hero. Go out and vote. Your vote matters. 🙌

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