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Find answers to all your burning questions about pimple patches.
Mighty patch next to skincare products and tools

Mighty Patch

Where Mighty Patch Should Fall in Your Skincare Routine

Everyone knows you wash your face first and moisturize afterwards. But it gets a little fuzzy with the extra stuff. In ord...
Dark skinned hand holding mighty patch original patches

Mighty Patch

Why Your Pimple Patch Isn’t Working (and How to Fix It)

We received a few reviews where people have said Mighty Patch didn’t work for them. Let's dive in and find out why.
Hand holding Mighty Patch Duo

Mighty Patch

Why Our CEO Ju Rhyu Is So Excited About Target

Mighty Patch is now in 1,524 Target stores across the U.S.! Read a letter from our founder on why accessibility is one of ...
 Hero Cosmetics Sidekick

Mighty Patch

Because Every Hero Needs A Sidekick

Don’t let midday pimples be a source of panic, bring your Sidekick with you to battle those pesky blemishes.

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hand holding a box of mighty patch surface

Mighty Patch

Sometimes Bigger Is better. Introducing Mighty Patch Surface!

Bacne? Check. Chest breakouts? Check. No more going through an entire sheet of pimple patches in one night.

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