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Itchy, reddened, irritated skin

Acne Basics

Derm-Approved Ways to Deal with Red, Irritated, Itchy Skin

Skin feeling dry, itchy and irritated? Find out how to quickly soothe skin bumps, red spots and itchy skin.
Rescue Balm

Hero Products

Free Rescue Balm and Mighty Patch Variety Pack for Our Healthcare Heroes

We hope this offer of our gratitude can help you power through these tough times. 🙏🏻
Hero Cosmetics Rescue Balm Post Blemish Recovery Cream

Hero Products

It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over: Introducing Rescue Balm

So the pimple is gone, but unfortunately not forgotten. Now what?
Destina applying rescue balm on skin

Hero Products

What's the Difference Between Rescue Balm and Neosporin?

Keep the Neosporin for the cuts. Use Rescue Balm for your post-pimple skin. 😎
5 Rescue Balm Hacks You Need in Your Life

Hero Products

5 Rescue Balm Hacks You Need in Your Life

Discover the multipurpose, multitasking hacks for this do-it-all skin soother.

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