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Four Skincare Resolutions for 2020, According to Our Readers

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As 2019 comes to a close, there’s no better time to reflect on opportunities for self-improvement in the new year (and new decade)! Researchers believe that approximately 60 percent of us make New Year's resolutions, but only 8 percent achieve them. So, what’s the key to being part of the 8 percent? Setting specific, achievable goals instead of broad, lofty resolutions.

Earlier this month, we asked our Instagram followers for their 2020 skincare resolutions. Here are the four most popular responses we received, as well as a few handy tips to break them down into achievable goals.


1. Use fewer harsh products.

This is a great resolution. So many skincare and beauty products are still full of toxic ingredients, primarily due to to the fact that U.S. cosmetics regulation laws haven’t been updated since 1938. While the European Union has banned more than 1,300 chemicals from use in beauty products, the United States has only banned 11.

Eliminating products with harsh, toxic chemicals and fragrances can help soothe skin and reduce breakouts. But instead of throwing away all of your non-clean products and starting from scratch, which would be a bit unrealistic and quite costly, commit to purchasing one clean product for each of the three primary skincare steps (cleanse, tone and moisturize).

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2. Actually do all of my skin care EVERY DAY.

A regular skincare routine is essential for anyone, but even more so for those with acne-prone skin. The truth is, skincare products rarely provide a quick-fix (Mighty Patch being an exception, of course). Visible results usually require six weeks of consistent, daily product use.

A basic skincare routine consists of three main steps:

    • Cleansing to wash away makeup, dirt and impurities. 
    • Toning to remove excess dirt or oil left behind, balance the pH level of your skin and help control acne
    • Moisturizing to hydrate and soften skin

Beyond those three steps, you can choose serums, masks, exfoliators and other treatments that are designed for your specific skin concerns (signs of aging, acne, dry and flaky skin, etc.). 

Instead of making a hard-to-achieve commitment to a twice-daily, seven-step skincare routine, make your resolution simpler. For example, start using toner if you don’t already. Or wash off your makeup every single night. 

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3. Keep skin well-hydrated and moisturized.

We’re with you on this one! From blustery winds to dry indoor heating, NYC winters can be brutal on our skin. Whether your skin is dry or dehydrated (yes, these are two separate conditions) or both, deciding to do something about it is a smart choice. Your skin needs a lot of moisture to look its best! A few bite-sized goals that can make it happen: Drink more water. Use a moisturizer twice a day. Try a humidifier in your bedroom.

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4. Get clear skin SOMEHOW.

Not surprisingly, this was a big resolution for our followers. And, each of the first three resolutions can help alleviate breakouts! 

We’ve definitely had our fair share of acne and know how embarrassing and frustrating it can be. In fact, one of our primary goals is to create a comfortable space for people to be proactive about their skin, talk about skin problems and share solutions that work. Clear skin doesn’t happen overnight, but there are steps we can take to get there. If you want to choose a few goals to focus on for the new year, the Acne Basics section of our blog is a great place for inspiration.

What are your skincare resolutions for 2020? Let us know in the comments below!

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