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Body-Loving Ingredients for the New Decade

One skincare resolution that’s been on everyone’s (literally everyone) list has been to lose weight. And how do we plan to achieve that? “By going to the gym everyday–obviously!” is a popular phrase. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always go through and that's okay! So here’s another option: live healthier!

At the Hero office, we've decided to call our New Year’s Resolutions, New Year’s Intentions, because intentions mean goals, and resolution sounds you’re solving a problem – and we shouldn’t think of ourselves as having a problem. Instead, we should strive to be healthier! 

Here are a few of our favorite products that will help:


Hims Immunity gummies sample gift with purchase

Hims Immunity Gummies 

Three of these gummies a day is all you’ll need. Building a strong immune system includes things like: exercise, balanced diet, not smoking, drinking caffeine and alcohol in moderation, minimize stress and getting eight hours of sleep. For many adults, this lifestyle is a dream, simply because it’s tough to create room in our schedules for all of this. Hims Immunity gummies have: vitamins A, E, K and thiamine– which are all essential in supporting the immune system. And the result of a strong immune system? Less chances of getting sick, less breakouts, and healthier skin! 

Copper cow coffee sample gift with purchase

Copper Cow Coffee Classic Pour Over

Okay, we know we just said to drink coffee in moderation. But if you haven’t tried vietnamese coffee, you’re really missing out. Vietnamese coffee has about 1,000 different types of antioxidants -- making it a great for fighting free radicals. And if you don’t know what free radicals are doing to your skin… here’s a quick rundown. Copper Cow Coffee's classic coffee is super easy to use, just hang it over a mug, pour water and add milk! 

type-a deodorant full sized gift with purchase

Type:A The Achiever Deodorant

For those of us who are ready to sweat it out at the gym, we’ve got an aluminum-free deodorant for you! Type-A’s sweat-activated formula releases odor and wetness fighters throughout the day for long-lasting protection. Just squeeze, swipe and take on your day. It’s easy to use, cruelty-free and uses gentle ingredients for your skin. 

Want a free sample? Get a sample of Hims Immunity Gummies or Copper Cow Coffee with any Mighty Patch purchase! Purchase of $30 or more and you can add a full sized Type-A deodorant!


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